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Inside the Arcade: Double Dragon (1987)

The streets were filthy with lawless gangs. But not for long.

Find a friend, make it happen. (Source:
Don’t turn to a life of crime, unless you want to get kicked. (Source: Bing Images)
See that baseball bat? Yeah, I’m gonna get that and swing it around. (Source: Gamesradar)
This question on the screen was somewhat of a new one. (Source: Bing images)
The bosses were hard to beat. They were designed to get more quarters. (Source: Bing images)
Alyssa Milano should have fired her agent after this one. (Credit: Imperial Entertainment)



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Billy Hartong

Founder of the kid’s music group The Jolly Pops. Unofficial expert on all things that happened in the 1990s. Father of 3 daughters. Proud Minnesotan.