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Johto: Flawed Nostalgia

Analyzing the famed region of the Pokémon world

Source: NintendoBlast

Johtonian Games Include:

Welcome to Johto

A Hoothoot encounter was one of many night-based encounters introduced in the Johto games. Source: Let’s Play Archive
Ecruteak City in Johto. Source: Bulbagarden
Red was the first post-game boss in the Pokemon series. Source: StrategyWiki
Johto only adds 100 new Pokemon, the least amount until Pokemon X and Y. Source: DeviantArt
Pryce is usually the 7th gym people face, but his ace’s level is lower than Jasmine’s because he can be faced earlier. Source: PokemonDB
A time-traveling mini-adventure with Celebi lets you get more context on Giovanni and Silver. Source: YouTube



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