Meet the Man Who Wants to Reimagine Virtual Reality

An interview with James Jensen, the CEO of JUMP

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5 min readOct 16, 2020


“Imagine being able to perform one of the world’s most dangerous and technically difficult stunts with little to no training, no parachuting experience, no cost for equipment and setup, and no risk of death trying to pull it off. What would you do (and how much would it cost) for such an experience?” — JUMP

James Jensen. Source: Samantha DeRose from The McRae Agency.

I got to interview James Jensen, the CEO of JUMP, a virtual reality (VR) company designed for users to perform stunts with no training, parachuting, no cost for equipment, and no safety risks. As an amateur with no experience, expertise, or money to feel like virtual reality was accessible, Jensen dispelled my notions. Jensen has an objective for the virtual reality industry: to make it more accessible instead of having it mainly be perceived as an entertainment and video game tool:

“I want people to know that hyperreality simulations are ways for us to learn new things to ourselves and to learn experiences that could influence our walking life,” Jensen told me.

Jensen is trying to make a hyper-reality base jump adventure where people can experience the thrill of stunts without the experience and danger required. After leaving The VOID at the beginning of 2018, Jensen had stylistic differences with the VOID’s direction and wanted to make an extreme sports virtual reality company where people who experience virtual reality through JUMP don’t just have an escape away from reality, but take away vital aspects to improve their own lives.

He was inspired to make JUMP a company as an evolution of what he was working on at his previous company, THE VOID, a virtual reality experience that allows someone to travel to their favorite film. THE VOID currently has experiences in Jumanji, Nicodemus, and Ghostbusters to travel to a virtual world.

A big inspiration for creating JUMP was a friend and advisory board member, Marshall Miller. Miller is an extreme sports athlete and BASE jumper who has made over 10,000 jumps. Miller showed Jensen some of his wingsuit experiences, and…



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