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Capcom Reveals Mega Man 11

Here is a full break down of the trailer

Finally, after seven years, we have news of a new and original Mega Man game, Mega Man 11. It was announced recently during the Mega Man 30th anniversary livestream.

Now, this is a monumental game for Capcom for a multitude of reasons; one of the largest being that this is the first new Mega Man game being made without Keiji Inafune, the father of Mega Man. Keiji Inafune left Capcom to work on his own spiritual successor to the franchise, which took the form of Mighty No. 9. Long story short: Mighty No. 9 crashed and burned, disappointing long-time Mega Man fans who were looking forward to it.

Apparently that did not deter Capcom from making a new Mega Man game without Keiji Inafune’s guidance. However, that’s not the only change, as rather than continue to use the standard 8-bit style, Mega Man 11 uses 2.5D graphics, with hand-drawn backgrounds. So far we’ve seen roughly a minute of footage (via the trailer); so I’m here to dissect the footage to see what’s in the game until we get more news about it in the summer.

The first shot of the trailer shows that Mega Man still teleports into the beginning of the stage you chose. The stage itself has a large temple in the background, with Mega Man starting outside and possibly travelling into it later in the stage. We see Mega Man start moving forward and jumping, when we see two flying enemies. When he shoots one of them, it drops a capsule to recharge weapon energy. This not only confirms that enemies still drop recovery items, but that they will drop familiar items as well. We then see a new rolling enemy that has a hole in its wheel that it uses to move. However Mega Man is able to jump over it, rather than attack it.

The scene then changes to an underground area, where we see a ladder that had just been climbed. Mega Man then uses his charge shot which destroys a small wall; the charge shot continues to travel through the destroyable walls, but stops when it hits a large enemy. This enemy holds a hammer, and when Mega Man gets close its eyes turn yellow, and it swings the hammer down. This causes a platform to pop open from the top of its head, and it can be used for Mega Man to jump off of. We then see a small health pickup lying on a platform.

Mega Man also travels along returning Conveyor belts, with the previously seen destructible walls and boxes falling from holes in the ceiling. However, you’ll notice another classic move appearing here, as Mega Man slides out of the impending danger of a falling box.

In the next scene, Mega Man uses Rush to reach an E-tank on a high ledge. This confirms that E-tanks will return, as they have been an off and on item throughout the series. Interestingly, when Mega Man doesn’t have a Robot Master’s power equipped, a red bar showing Rush’s remaining energy appears next to Mega Man’s health bar.

At the top of a flight of stairs lies a new item, which seems to be a gear with a red orb inside of it. This could fill up one of the icons underneath Mega Man’s health, which displays three gears, one large white one with a red and blue underneath it; those will come into play later.

The next scene shows a mine with lots of construction themes, as opposed to the earlier underground area. We see two very important things in this shot.

The first is an apparently brand new robot power; it drops four blue brick blocks from the air. However, rather than just having his color change, Mega Man has both his color and shape change. With this brick power, he gets a new helmet and an arm with a brick bracelet on it. Rush’s energy bar is replaced with the energy bar for this weapon when it is equipped. However, you can also see a screw hidden under a platform. This is important because screws are used in a shop where you can buy items like 1-ups and E-tanks, or cosmetic changes like outfits for Roll, Mega Man’s sister. But, this screw being hidden could mean Mega Man 11 goes back to the style of Mega Man 8 where there are a limited amount of screws, and they need to be found in stages.

We then move to a spot later in that same level. Here, Mega Man is riding platforms, with enemies on the ground below him. He uses his brick power to attack, but we see that those wheel enemies do block attacks if it doesn’t hit the gap. When Mega Man kills another enemy, it drops a 1-up.

This next part seems to take place back in the underground brick location. It shows Mega Man fighting a mini boss, demonstrating that they have returned to the series for Mega Man 11.

And, in the final shot of the trailer, Mega Man is back in the underground construction stage again, fighting a different mini boss. We also can see that the large white gear under the health bar is full. This ties directly into when the logo shows up, because just before that Mega Man uses a new ability. However, you’ll notice a bar slowly going down appears above his head;it looks like Mega Man can shoot fully charged shots while in this mode as the bar is cooling down. The large white gear is also flashing blue and red, with the small blue and red gears below it turning rapidly.

In addition to the trailer, the robot master that holds Mega Man’s newest power was unveiled. He was named Brick Man originally, but that has allegedly been changed (although Capcom did not reveal the new name).

This article was written by Super Jump contributor, Logan Busbee. Please check out his work and follow him on Medium.

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