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Nintendo Switch Restored the Fun in My Life

From win at all costs, to fun at all costs

Caleb Mackie
Jun 24 · 4 min read

I have spent the better half of the last decade playing video games competitively. My constant need to win at all costs and my dream of being that MLG PRO ignited from the first day I started playing Halo 3 back in late 2007. When I learned people were able to live out these amazing careers as professionals at the games that they loved, I decided I would stop at nothing to make this dream a reality.

As you may have already realized at this point, I am not some elite pro gamer in the way that my 15-year-old self dreamt of being. I would go from game to game, hoping that this would be the one where I would meet my potential and kick off my amazing gaming career. Embarking on this journey ended up being much more than I ever bargained for. It would give me a purpose, cause friction in my relationships, distract me from my real-life responsibilities, and even resulted in a broken hand.

This experience came to a screeching halt as my college studies took precedent over gaming, and my early 20s gave me the perspective that was needed to learn that I didn’t have the natural talent to make it to the top and that’s okay.

Feeling Lost

Post competitive gaming, I am-feeling lost as dedicated all the free time I had for the past six years to a goal that never came to fruition. The obsession with competitive based gaming ended up stifling my gaming experiences I could have been having while I was yelling callouts to teammates in intense matches. Lost and confused, I didn’t know where to turn. Gaming had been an enormous part of my identity for the bulk of my life, so I wanted to make up for the last six years or so of lost gaming. I initially started my gaming experience on the Game Boy as a kid, so when I saw the Nintendo Switch, I decided it was time to rekindle my first love.

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Photo by Alvaro Reyes on Unsplash.

Relationship Rekindled

I bought my Nintendo Switch about two and a half years ago. I can only compare my gaming experiences to going from a toxic relationship with competitive gaming to finding my soulmate with the Nintendo Switch. Before I lose you, allow me to regain your trust by admitting the Switch is not without flaws.

Is the Nintendo Switch a console that lacks power and ability to hold a higher frame rate? Yes. Is the online user interface still behind the likes of the Xbox 360? Yes. These are all things that Nintendo needs to work on and fix in the future.

Nintendo Has the “it” Factor

The most significant thing you get with Nintendo as opposed to other platforms is… *checks notes* Nintendo?…yeah, Nintendo has the best games plain and simple. Do their games sometimes run on 30 FPS? Yes. Do they often have terrible online functionality for their best games and miss opportunities? YES. Despite all of these problems, does Nintendo have the best games, characters, and lore of any other video game developers? Absolutely!

Another undeniable quality about the Switch is that it has the most polished experience for on-the-go gaming. For me, gaming, has never been about performance. I am willing to accept a downgrade in performance if that downgrade means I can find more flexibility in my experience.

Taking the Switch out of the docking station mid-game in order to continue your match elsewhere, is an empowering experience. It makes the original way of gaming feel archaic. No longer bound by the wheels of your gaming racer chair, you, the gamer, can now traverse through open-world experiences in video games and the open-world experience of real life!

No longer bound by the wheels of your gaming racer chair, you, the gamer, can now traverse through open-world experiences in video games and the open-world experience of real life!

Sarcasm aside, gaming on the go is not a necessity for most, but it is something that you sorely miss once it is gone. You will not be impressed with the Switch if you are the type of gamer who obsesses over graphics and high FPS rates.

But even the most shallow gamers can appreciate an old-school title every now and again. This can be difficult as most retro games look unrecognizable on larger screens. If you are the type who enjoys a variety of games, you should consider buying the Nintendo Switch. You will be hard-pressed to find anything on the market with its versatility.


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