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Pixl Poetry: Haiku-ing the Partners from Super Paper Mario

My friends from the game, Super Paper Mario, are special and neat

Cole Durrett
Aug 11 · 2 min read
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Handy first buddy
Grabs all except what he can’t
Bosses overuse.


Name of modern meme
Can’t live up to Bobbery
Still a useful tool.


Tornado-shaped friend
Twists your body, slides through holes
Creates illusions.


When did the ground pound
Become a guy with a face?
How much does he weigh?


Most-used Pixl girl
Ferries Bowser, so she’s strong
Outshined by Dashell.


On the can for years
Stunning parallelogram
Just needed TP.


Our hammer this time
Is living, breathing, stardust.
Shouts your desired word.


Sea urchin shrinks you
But our run speed is the same!
Strength doesn’t shrink too?


Almost missed this guy
Who’s scared of the lizard nerd.
Useful friend for pits.


Best Pixl in game
I didn’t know about him
For over twelve years.


More 8-bit throwbacks
But this one cures diseases.
She’s worth the fetch quest.


I forgive you for
The trend of your successors.
Rest and love in peace.


Hollow butterfly
Thinks she is Blumiere’s love

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