Super Jump Podcast: Generation Nine is Nigh

Season 2, Episode 12

Would you believe it? We heard you like the Super Jump Podcast, so we put the Super Jump Podcast inside your Super Jump Podcast! That’s right, Midjumps will now be inserted into the main episode and we’ll return officially (even though we already were there) to a biweekly structure. Episodes will be longer and meatier from now on, so get ready for that!

This week, we talk about the ever-approaching console generation nine. The PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Scarlett seem to be very real and increasingly soon. How will that affect the gaming landscape? Also, stay tuned for a discussion about Sea of Thieves’ growth with friends of the show Cameron from DK Vine and Jeff from the Golden Sands Blogpost on this week’s Super Jump Podcast.

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After-School Activity Links:

  • A great dissection of the Mario series’ musicality and use of leitmotifs:
  • An excellent animation approximating a GBC demake of Breath of the Wild:

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In our second season, we’re continuing to explore a wide variety of gaming topics on the Super Jump Podcast, with the fun, enthusiasm, and positivity that we apply to the magazine itself. We really hope you enjoy the show — please take the opportunity to rate us on iTunes too, as it will really give us a boost.

Thanks for listening, and stay super!