Super Jump Podcast: Season Two Finale!

Season 2, Episode 13

As the tides of time roll through the sands of life, things shift. Some are gained, some are lost, some inverted, and some elevated to previously unreached heights. This is all to say that this is the conclusion of the second season of the Super Jump Podcast. When we come back, we have new goals of achieving a regular weekly schedule, adding at least one regular cohost to the show, and having a more professional sound complete with custom music and effects. That said, we still have this episode before we go.

This week, we talk about Hollow Knight and how it’s really, really, really good, the merits of the 3DS, and the reveals coming out of Gamescom. Also, we have an exciting interview with the Kremling Kampaigners. King K. Rool is in Smash Bros. now, and these are the guys to thank. All this and more in this week’s episode of the Super Jump Podcast!

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  • A thorough analysis of a potentially ground-breaking graphics card:

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In our second season, we’ve explored a wide variety of gaming topics on the Super Jump Podcast, with the fun, enthusiasm, and positivity that we apply to the magazine itself. We really hope you enjoy the show as we continue into our third season— please take the opportunity to rate us on iTunes too, as it will really give us a boost.

Thanks for listening, and stay super!