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The Death of Hyper Magazine

Former editor David Hollingworth talks us through the final, grisly details…

I’d buy that for a dollar

David Hollingworth’s history with Hyper goes way back. As he explains, “I was working at Next Media when it first started, though on a different title. I wrote the odd piece for it, and knew the first editor socially. In fact, I’ve worked at Next Media on three separate occasions, and each time there was a slightly different team [of writers and editors] on it.”

Stop, stop, it’s already dead

In the end, David served as editor for “two or three issues,” fighting a losing battle against reality.

  1. You can’t make advertisers want to invest in something they don’t want to.

The end. For real this time.

David worked with local writers to produce one final issue with Next Media, a Nintendo themed special that barely made it out the door.


So could anything have been done differently? Was there any way to save the magazine at this late stage? David doesn’t believe so.



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