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The Decade That Changed Video Games Forever

We delve into the 1990s — one of the most significant decades in gaming history

Tennis For Two. Source: Brookhaven National Laboratory.

Evolution of the form

It is painfully obvious to point out just how far video games have come since Tennis For Two. Even in my lifetime — I’m now 38 years old — I have first-hand experience of seeing (and marvelling at) Super Mario Bros. when it was still relatively new, and being able to compare that to playing Breath of the Wild on a tiny plastic slate that fits in my hands. When I play a game like Half-Life: Alyx in VR, I actually find it difficult to articulate my feelings about the experience. Suffice it to say, the fact that I regularly say “Wow!” out loud while I play surely indicates my feelings.

Video game graphics and art design have come a long way in a short time.


Our team is passionate about video game history. Ideas for stories began flying around the moment we kicked off discussion about this period. That prompted several of us to delve into the ’90s to tell a range of stories that meant something to us. What follows is a collection of those stories for your reading pleasure.

Hand-crafted animations bring expression and personality to every character. Source: Author.

Revisiting 1996’s Broken Sword: The Shadow of the Templars

By Mark Harris

Mario, Bowser, and the rest. Source: Slant Magazine.

A Look Back at Super Mario RPG

By Josh Bycer

Source: IFRAGART on DeviantArt.

Revisiting 1996’s Twisted Metal 2

By Mark Harris

NiGHTS into Dreams Source: Sega of America.

NiGHTS Into Dreams Was an Overshadowed Masterpiece

By Cameron Eittreim

Source: USGamer.

Yoshi’s Island, the Perfect Platformer

By Brandon R. Chinn

The Gold Saucer. Source: Leviathyn.

How FFVII Nailed the Mini-Game

By Kristina M.H.

I Played This 1992 Dune Game So That You Don’t Have To

By Antony Terence

The Cistern. Source: Reddit.

Revisiting 1996’s Tomb Raider

By Mark Harris



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