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The Forgotten Age of Empires

A closer look at Age of Mythology‘s history and future

The Game

While Age of Mythology’s mechanics is similar to those of Age of Empires, it takes place in a time different time, where ancient gods ruled the world and mythological creatures were an omnipresent threat to humans.


AoM’s gameplay is similar to other games of the RTS genre. You start by gathering resources to build towns and form an army to destroy your opponent’s army and towns.

Minor gods grant you certain benefits. Source.


The Greeks culture can be considered as the most straightforward culture in the game. They have strong, but slightly more expensive units. Their heroes are actual heroes from Greeks’ mythology like Odysseus or Perseus.


Egypt’s units and buildings are cheap but weaker. They don’t have real hero units but rather Priests and one Pharao who is devastating against Myths units.


The Atlantean culture puts quality over quantity. Their units are the most expensive ones but they are better at their counterparts at every level.


Additional to normal Human villagers, the Norse also have dwarves who are faster at gathering gold. This culture uses their army, not their villagers to build buildings, which makes them highly mobile.


The Chinese culture was introduced to the game in 2016, making it the newest culture in the game by far.

AoM and AoE differences

Despite having elements that are shared across the games, there are certain differences between both titles.


Compared to Age of Empires in which you can pick from 18 cultures, AoM contains just five. The reason for this is the uniqueness of each culture. While a lot of content is shared between the cultures in AoE, AoM’s cultures have completely distinct units and powers.


Due to each culture's uniqueness, AoM is perceived as more difficult and unbalanced than AoE. Every culture requires different strategies to play, depending on the enemy.

God powers

Each god you pick grants you a god power which should be used wisely. Some God powers are an attack like the Lighting Strike granted by Zeus, which kills the selected target. Others help the player in different ways, like the Gaia Forest power, which creates a dense forest.

Mythological Units

While Age of Empires relies solely on history, AoM features many imaginary units, called Mythological units. These units are strong against human units, but week against heroes.

The clash of two titans. Source.


Favor is a resource that is used to recruit mythological units. It takes the place of AoE’s stone resource. Each culture has its own way of gaining favor. The Norse for example, gaining favor through battles while the Greeks get it from praying at temples. This, once again, stresses the importance of different strategies for each culture.

Auto Queue

Auto queueing is a feature in AoM which allows the player to set an building to create units for as long as the player has the resources to do so.


Age of Mythology’s banner 2002.

Age of Mythology: The Titans — 2003

The game's first extension brought a new culture, the Atlanteans to the game, making it 4 cultures in all. Also, as the name suggests, the update brought the new Titan units. Titans are the most expensive and strongest units in the game which will dominate the entire map once unleashed.

Age of Mythology: Extended Edition — 2014

Twelve years after the game's original release, it received an overhaul. The Extended Edition includes The Titans extension, added Steamwork integration, and Twitch support. This update also included improved graphics and balance changes.

Age of Mythology: Tale of the Dragon — 2016

The latest extension was released on January 28, 2016. It added new multiplayer maps, a new single-player campaign, and most importantly the Chinese Culture.

Age of Mythology. Source: Eneba.


Since Age of Empires 2 and 3 have gotten an overhaul with the Definitive Edition, is there a future for Age of Mythology?


Age of Mythology was a highly ambitious project for the studio and noticeably developed with much enthusiasm for its theme. As a fan of the game, who enjoyed many rounds in the extended edition, I am happy that something will happen for the game's future. Maybe, with some luck, it will be announced next year.



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