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The Long Road to Pokémon Legends: Arceus Led to a Much Needed Boost

The newest entry is exactly what the franchise needed

Source: WhatNerd

Pokémon’s Long History

Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl equated to little more than a remaster or “version upgrade” of the original games. Source: JFK Mag

Downward Swing

Pokémon Sword and Shield. Source: TechRadar.
Source: Press Start Australia

Legends Is What We Needed

Legends Arceus has a turn order present in the top right that is based on Pokemon speed, certain moves, and other factors. Source: Pro Game Guides
Source: Polygon.
Noble boss battles don’t amount to much more than dodging and throwing balms. Source: Game News 24
Dataminers have found a recreation of the player’s room from Diamond and Pearl in the files of Legends: Arceus. Could this be part of future DLC? Source: EarlyGame

Looking to the Future



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