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The Mobile Game Industry Made Over $20 Billion Last Quarter

It’s set to outdo consoles and desktops by 3.1x and 2.8x this year

Source: App Annie.

Strength in numbers

In an eye-opening report from the analysts at App Annie, games accounted for an impressive 80% of the money consumers spent on the Google Play Store last quarter(65% for iOS users). The COVID-19 pandemic resulted in a 15% surge YoY in weekly game downloads with over a billion downloads occurring every week. $20 billion is an amount that has the potential to make game developers rethink their approach when it comes to focusing on dedicated hardware. Truth be told, a predicted lead of 3.1x and 2.8x over consoles and desktop gaming this year makes me wonder why I was hyped for the next-generation consoles in the first place. Why would Sony and Microsoft battle with narrow hardware margins if they could make more money off devices consumers already have? The latter has already begun its move away from traditional console wars into the lucrative mobile gaming market.

Source: App Annie.

Mobile gaming is the future

Like it or not, gaming companies won’t sit idle and wait for the $20 billion cash cow to walk away. With iconic franchises like Pokémon and Call of Duty getting in on the feeding frenzy, it won’t be long before you get to play as Master Chief or Kratos on a smartphone. And I’m not just talking about streaming, I’m talking about mobile-first variants of games that trade complexity for accessibility. Sure, the move might not get the hardcore gaming crowd’s approval. But Microsoft and Sony will be laughing all the way to the bank.

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