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What is Resident Evil Village?

Capcom continues to explore the true meaning of the genre it pioneered

Fan favourites return in numerous Resident Evil games, offering some familiarity (and tying the broader, convoluted story arcs together). Source: Capcom.

A history of rapid mutation

Ever since Resident Evil 3: Nemesis (and to a greater extent, Resident Evil 4), fans have discussed and debated the true nature of the franchise. We, the fans, all have our preferences and we all think we know what Resident Evil really is in the marrow of its bones. Debates about tank controls and fixed camera angles and bombastic action versus slow burn will continue until the sun consumes the earth. But let’s step back for a moment, folks. That these discussions are happening at all and that they are so vigorous is a sign of two important things:

  • Capcom — a company that could easily have rest on its laurels and continued cashing in on the original idea — have continuously experimented with and reinterpreted their own creation.
The Maiden, Resident Evil Village. Source: Capcom.

Undiscovered country

SUPERJUMP has published our fair share of Resident Evil features over the years. I want to call out a quote from my colleague Josh Bycer from this piece, where he wrote:

Source: Capcom.

Mouth of madness

From the outset, Resident Evil Village clearly exists within the same category as Resident Evil 7. I recently played the Maiden demo on PlayStation 5. And while it’s largely a “visual showcase”, there are certainly numerous hints about what we can expect from the final experience.

Alcina Dimitrescu. Source: Capcom.
The village. Source: Capcom.
Scenes from the village. Source: Capcom.
Source: Capcom.

New horror

Of course, I haven’t played the full game yet — my only direct experience is with the Maiden demo, which contains a specific “mission” that will not appear in Resident Evil Village.



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