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Where Should the Next Fallout Be Located?

There are several great options

Can Fallout use a non-American locale?

A random encounter in Fallout Tactics depicting Canadian war reenactors. Source: Fallout Wiki.

What’s been established so far?

Source: Fallout Wiki.

Where should the series go?

A screenshot from Operation Manhattan — a quest mod for Fallout 4 that takes place in New York City. Source: Alex Ramon on Nexus Mods.

New York

I’ll get my homer pick out of the way first, especially after sharing the image above. There’s definitely enthusiasm around a New York-based Fallout game. Although New York has been seen in post-apocalyptic form numerous times in dozens of forms of media and even other games like Tom Clancy’s The Division, the Fallout series could provide a unique take with it’s themes and mechanics.


A depiction of pre-war Chicago shown in Fallout Tactics. Source: Fallout Wiki.


Concept art of Denver, renamed to “Dog City” in Van Buren. Source: Fallout Wiki.

Fallout’s Silent Future

Fans are clamoring for remasters of Fallout 3 and New Vegas, but their cries have gone unanswered thus far. Source: GamesRadar.



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