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Why Sekiro’s Additional Content Will Resurrect it in 2020

Take note developers, 2019’s Game of the Year is still teaching you new tricks

Khen Ramos
Jul 30 · 6 min read

When I saw Activision’s post regarding the massive update they have for Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, I almost thought that the 2019 Game of the Year winner might receive the same award this year. The new additions to the game almost constitute a full expansion pack, delivering what its players have been demanding for the last few months. I personally believe that this is how developers like From Software keep a huge and loyal following throughout the years. Let’s run down what the update has to offer and talk about a little how these additions can make the eternal.

Reflections of Strength

Reflections of Strength represent a kind of a boss rush experience where you can challenge yourself to fight previously-defeated bosses. They give you a chance to practice and hone your skills against a specific boss so you can master Sekiro’s unforgiving combat. Precision has always been key to the game and sometimes we just don’t have the time to run through an entire level to get to one boss fight. Additionally, this mode can help against non-traditional bosses that require more forward-thinking or battling that pesky Demon of Hatred without dying so you can consider yourself part of Sekiro’s veterans. However, I believe that Reflections of Strength runs deeper than this, because of the game’s addition of Gauntlets of Strength.

Boss rushes are a good display of skill and a way to show how dedicated players are into the game. Much like Hollow Knight’s free Godmaster update, fans of Sekiro will certainly try this mode out and see how good they are tackling certain obstacles from a variety of different bosses. And since the game already has so many bosses, with each having their own unique mechanics and players experimenting on various skills and prosthetic tools in handling these bosses, the game’s replayability becomes endless in theory.

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Source: Activision.

Gauntlets of Strength

Gauntlets of Strength are single-life challenges for the most dedicated and skilled Sekiro players. There’s not much information regarding this content aside for the fact that once you die, you have to start from the beginning.

Oh, the thrill!

Sekiro is already an unforgiving game. This added layer will certainly draw in new and old fans of the game. Maybe it’ll also bring in those Dark Souls and Bloodborne fans who think the game isn’t hard enough for them. There will be various players who will be showing their own build and experimenting with the most efficient way of tackling such a challenge. Since Sekiro is primarily a single-player game, it will bring the entire community together to discuss the various avenues for approach when it comes to this challenge. It will bring in players together to see how far they can go. It will make the thrill of going through the game’s challenging moments all that sweeter. Overall, it will show how the game’s community has mastered the game throughout the last few months.

The sure truth about this though is that everyone will be flocking to Twitch or YouTube to see their favorite content creators have a try this mode. So get ready for your feeds to be filled by these kinds of videos.

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Source: Activision.

New Outfits

This one I have been waiting for quite some time. When I got the game and finished I thought I achieve some sort of new skin for Sekiro, but only received the New Game+ in the end. But it has finally come and it is all for free!

There are three outfits included in the coming patch: One you can unlock by finishing the game once, the other two are unlockable by finishing the game’s gauntlets. I’m quite excited to see these new outfits even if I have to watch others who have it since I don’t think I have the determination and skill to finish the game’s gauntlets. But hey, I’ll try!

I think new outfits are pretty cool! I also think that’s my old gamer side of me who looks back to classic Resident Evil games that reward me costumes when I finish the game. I don’t think that these new outfits will affect the replayability of the game that much, but it is a good addition for those who want to show off what they got since two of the outfits are in-line with their achievements in the game. It can also be the gateway drug for the multiple mod skins that exist in the PC version of the game!

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Source: Activision.


Remnants are similar to that of Bloodborne’s specters, where players can see a silhouette of other people playing the game, watching their untimely demise as some sort of warning to others. However, Remnants are quite different because players get to dictate when they want to record them and when to show them. So this means that players can choose to show off their moves to others or just show an epic showdown against the many bosses in the game. Players that choose to watch and rate another player’s Remnant can help that certain player as it would have their hit points recovered without the need for shrines. This is a pretty cool gameplay mechanic, but it is not clear entirely as to how it works, and I’m quite sure that they would remove this feature for the gauntlets.

I thought that this feature would be added in the game during its launch, but I thought wrong. I don’t think that this feature is all that amazing, since my experience with it Bloodborne felt spoiler-y, and I personally believe that the lack of specters is one of the many ways Sekiro distinguishes itself from other From Software games. But it is a welcome addition for new players who want to learn new tricks in tackling bosses or obstacles without opening a YouTube video or a wiki page for that certain topic. The game has a lot of mechanics to master and I think the Remnants addition can easily teach new and old players alike.


Sekiro: Shadow Die Twice is already an amazing and very replayable game. These gameplay additions in this new update only amplify that by creating additional depth for those who are returning to the game or are still planning to buy the game. You could argue that these gameplay features have already been available to PC players through the form of mods, it‘s not quite the same feeling when it is added by the developers themselves.

It is also a way for From Software to stave off the hunger coming from their fans for the long-awaited Elden Ring. But one thing is for sure, this expansion-like update will inject new life into the game and could bring about its resurgence in 2020.

The update is scheduled on October 29.


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