The Dark Underbelly of Real Super Powers

Let’s talk about the dark underbelly of truly unlocking real Super Powers. It’s easy to look at people who wield their power effortlessly and say, “It must be easy.” It is. It is the easiest, most natural state of our existence to stand in full autonomy and move the world with every breath. It is the easiest, most natural state of our existence to manage our vibration and manifest from our highest. It feels like coming home to step into that sovereign space.


The path between where most people stand and the effortless space of Real Super Powers is like nothing you can fathom. This goes beyond fluffy conversations about personal development or spiritual growth. It goes beyond meditating, reading cards, asking for guidance, and searching in every flower, animal, person, event for meaning to help you understand yourself. Those are mere steps along the way.

Can you take full responsibility for EVERYTHING that exists in your life? Can you make decisions based solely in your highest vibration, even when your mind screams at you to play it safe? Can you provide for yourself without dependency on ANYTHING or ANYONE else?

Money and Real Super Powers

Yes, that’s right. We’re talking about money, resources, survival. I’ve talked to no less than 20 people about this over the last week. I can say with absolute certainty, that this conversation it what separates the people who will actually move into embodying the Abstract Frequency and the ones who will continually glimpse it from outside. It’s easy to pretend to be enlightened and aware when your basic needs are being met by someone else, but what happens when that support goes away? True sovereignty and autonomy can only happy when you KNOW you are free to behave and respond from your own resonance…nothing else. And this can only happen when you are convinced, in every ounce of your being, that you have the ability to create everything you want.

If you haven’t yet moved into a completely sovereign space, take a hard look at where your money comes from. If you can’t sell something, create something, or offer something, that others will give you money for, then you are trapped in a construct designed to keep you dependent upon it.

Merging Two Worlds

Now is the time for us to merge together the worlds of consciousness and business. The two are not mutually exclusive. Do not fool yourselves. If you continue to stay on the top of the mountain and play with esoteric concepts without integrating them into this reality, then the world you live in will be limited to that space. Real Super Powers happen when the Abstract Frequency meets physical reality…and it’s a helluva ride to get there.

Originally published at on September 13, 2016.

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