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Thank you for taking care of the Earth

About a year ago, Super Simple Draw started partnering with Trees for The Future to plant trees while drawings are made in the app. Since then, more than 40 thousand trees have been planted, thanks to the love and engagement from all the users of Super Simple Draw.

Thursday 4/22 is the Earth Day, at the special moment we want to send our heartfelt appreciations to:

  • Trees for the Future, who provided this amazing program and actually got the tree planted.
  • Everyone who download Super Simple Draw to create beautiful things and delight to the world.
  • Other app developers who made similar pledges to plant trees, like and Forest, from whom we borrowed the idea.
  • All the individuals and organizations who raised awareness of environmental and climate challenges, and organized actions to fix the problems and protect our future.

Thank you!

We will keep going and get more trees planted. Super Simple Draw is a small and simple app, and this is a tiny movement towards an enormous goal. But we believe in the power of progressions through small but steady steps, and that more and more people will join this movement and start taking actions to take better care of the earth. Climate change is challenging but we’ve got this.



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