Enchanted Objects (Places And Potions!)of Video Game City (PART ONE)

Magic objects

Rainbow Smash Ball: Owned by Lauren, the Rainbow Smash Ball is a powerful artifact used by Lauren to transform into Super Rainbow Lauren.

Ice Mage’s Pendant: Owned by The Ice Mage Freezron, the Ice Mage’s Pendant has the power to increase ice powers like Flashing Freeze.

Phoenix Feathers: Owned by phoenixes on top of Mt. Fire, Fujiwara No Mokou owns them in a hair-clip that she made herself, it can give a special reviving power if held by a healer in your party.

The Mermaid Queen’s Mirror: Owned by the Mermaid Queen Aquamarine, you can travel to the kingdom of the Sea People anytime! It can also boost Water elemental powers as well!

The Green Ninja Throwing Star: Owned by Leafeon, the Green Ninja Throwing Star can boost sharp cutting moves and Plant Attacks.

Jewel Fan:Owned by Crystal, the Jewel Fan is made to harness an enchanted power that can blast apart solid rock.

Sea Fan: Owned by Wakasagihime, the Sea Fan is made to create giant waves for surfing. when she gets angry, The Sea Fan creates tsunamis.

Dragon Lord’s Amulet: Owned by The Dragon Lord Alexian, this Amulet is made to harness power beyond your imagination.

Purple Cross: Owned by Remilia, the Purple Cross is said to revive allies that are defeated in battle.

Frozen Flower: This rare blossom was found in the icy mountains in a nameless cave. It can bring good luck to the fighter who holds it.

Sun Brooch: Like Sunshine? This brooch can even summon the sun god to bring sunshine ANY time of year!

Twilight Lantern: This lantern holds a slightly shimmery glow, bright enough to light up a closet.

Flower Lantern: A mini lantern used by fairies who use this to light up their homes.

Violet Tear: This tear has special healing powers and glows when it’s dipped into the River of Healing.

Flaming Flower: This flower has more heat than one tiny matchstick itself when coated with volcanic lava. It can be found near Mount Fire, where the climate is the perfect place for it to grow.

The Eye of Horus: This artifact of the famous Egyptian God is located in a safe vault guarded by Horus himself.

Blue Mermaid’s fin: Owned by Princess Nerissa, the Blue Mermaid’s Fin can allow Nerissa to become a mermaid when she goes in water!

Winter Harp: Owned by Glaceon, this harp, when played, summons a blizzard that damages foes!

Fairy Wing Brooch: Owned by Gym leader Valerie, this brooch can allow the holder to have healing powers and a speed boost.

Water Charmer’s Amulet: This amulet, owned by the Water Charmer Willa, a friend of the Sea Goddess Oceana, is said to have extremely strong powers.

Healing Harp: When this harp is played, it has a beautiful melody that heals allies!

Dragon Eye Charm: Owned by Charizard, this charm allows fighters to gain a massive boost in their Ultimate Power!

Cat Shifter’s Amulet: Owned by the Cat Shifter Meowsia, this amulet will allow you to turn into a cat to get to hard to reach areas.

Throwing Star of Storms: Owned by Raiko, this magic object is said to summon a typhoon in 60 seconds!

True Love Charm: Owned by Cure Heart, This magical charm makes sure that EVERYONE has love in their hearts.

Owned by the Elf Princess Wisteria, this jewel allows you to harness any element that the elves harness.

Steampunk Moon: Owned by Princess Luna, this special artwork is a birthday present from her good friend, The Moon Goddess Chang’e.

Briar Rose: Owned by Roserade, this artifact allows you to revive and heal hurt and fallen allies in battle. This artifact is especially good for Evil Minion Battles.

Heaven’s Lily:This lily is a special gift from Arceus, which allows you to revive fallen allies.

Amulet of Joy: This artifact is often used at many festivals to bring everlasting happiness instead of eternal sadness.

Valentine Rose Charm: Owned by Casanuva, this charm makes sure that EVERYONE finds love, no matter what!

Healing Flower: This blossom has the power to revive the dead and even heal serious injuries like big wounds in an instant.

Moon Lantern: Made by Chang’e, this lantern absorbs moonlight so it can glow really, really, bright. Brighter than a lamp!

Mystic Mirror: This Mirror, owned by king Solran himself, has the power to block spells and act as a portal.

Spirit of Spring: Owned by Elder Bloom, this charm allows any type of tree to grow blossoms at any time of year, even in the freezing winter!

Moonstone Flower: This enchanted blossom can only be found on the Lunar Capital and sometimes, Lunarians use it as inspiration to make fancy jewelry.

Blade of Forest Warriors: This really sharp blade needs to be handled with care. Why, you ask? It has a blade that can cut through your skin.

Fire Beetle Shield: Inspired by awesome fire beetles, this shield can help block lava and other fire hazards!

Goddess Tear: Owned by Paluentina and Made from the finest water in the kingdom, the Goddess tear can help characters heal allies and bring dead things back to life!

Witching Amulet of Wandering: In black-light, this amulet glows brightly and turns you invisible so that way, you can get into places that no one else can!

Glass Shields: Even though these come in many colors, each one has it’s own unique trait by harnessing the power of a specific plant like Bluebells, lavender, mint, and so on.

Space Crystals: These crystals are found in the deepest regions of Starlila, meaning they are mined from special caves.

Love brooch: Owned by Lisa Meltheart, this brooch allows her to make sure arguments are always friendly.

Sphere of Lightning: owned by Jolteon, this awesome sphere can be used as a reading lamp, a nightlight, even a lantern!

Goldilocks’s amulet: Owned by Goldilocks from the 3 bears as a Christmas gift, this allows her to make anything not too burning hot, not too freezing cold, but room temperature just right!

Tears of Fire: These special gems were found on Mount Fire, which makes them so rare, they can be found only when Mount Fire erupts.

Dryad’s Charm: Owned by the wise Dryad Eugene, this Charm can make anything appear, even a TV!

Dream Flower: This special flower’s nectar can bring sweet daydreams instead of bad nightmares. Be sure to have it by your bed!

Shattered Sun: This sacred artifact helps control the sun and the moon, one day it might even cause a solar eclipse!

The Leaf Bow: With the power of the forest, this bow allows archery users to blend in with the forest so that way, they can sneak up on baddies easily!

The Ice Bow: This bow fires arrows entirely made of ice, so that way you can Freeze enemies! It’s also useful for creating an ice rink in Summer.

The Darkness Bow: This bow fires arrows coated with a dark aura. This is used by Shadow Eirin, to avenge on her good counterpart.

The Lotus Comb: Owned by Byakuren, this comb allows Byakuren to use a brand new power: Lotus Rejuvenation, which allows Byakuren to use a Lotus to heal allies.


The Snow Staircase: This is the stairway up to Blizzard Castle, the home of The Snow Queen, Miss Blizzard. Only one that has mastered snowshoeing can climb to the top.

Moonlight Pagoda: This lovely pagoda is the home of Princess Lotus and her entire family. It also has a secret observatory only Princess Lotus knows about.

True Love Alleyway: This romantic place is the perfect place to hang out and swap valentines.

Jewel Cavern: This magical cave lies in a hidden area of the Diamond Domain. Covered in jewels and precious stones, this is one area you’ll want to relax in!

Coral Forest: The home of many colorful fish and 7 friendly mermaid sisters. Divers must be VERY careful here when diving because they don’t want to disturb the colorful fish.

The Air Room in The Mermaid Castle: A place to relax and enjoy sweet and yummy refreshments made for non in water breathing heroes!

Classical Shoppers Bay: This road by The Sea has classical music playing on the speakers, so you can relive your stress and stay calm while going shopping.

Wallace’s pool:hidden in a secret area of the Sootopolis city gym, this pool is perfect for water types and trainers to take a break from battling!

Swan Lake: Based off the famous Ballet, this sight is a must see for tourists around Video Game City who love ballet types, like The Firebird, Swan Lake, and The Nutcracker.

Sakura Shrine:This shrine is where you get to call the beautiful flower goddess, Blosonia.

Diamond Castle: AKA the birthplace of sparkling gems and music, this sight has a lovely garden and is home to the 3 muses and Princess Diancie.

Sorbet Water Park: With it’s own Ice Cream Bar and many water slides, this place is a good spot to cool off!

Moonbow Beach: With it’s stunning rainbow that appears at midnight, it’s a popular spot for beach lovers all around Video Game City!

Sea Village: This village has 2 very special features: It has stilts to hold the houses up, while there’s a glass bottom that allows you to see those little creatures swimming beneath you!

Tropical island: A Secret Hideaway to Iruka, the Mermaid Princess of Coriscala, a undersea kingdom in the Indian Ocean. It has many hiding spots and lots of secret passages!

Jewel Forest: With a lake that’s the color of Pink Diamonds, Trees made of Amethysts, and Leaves made of solid Diamonds, This is a spot on the top ten Places to see in Video Game City!

Fairy Forest: This magical and enchanting place is hidden behind a secret waterfall in city park, so you’ll need rain protection and a special fairy key to obtain access to this land!

Crystal Kingdom: The home of beautiful Princess Kaia and all of her subjects and people. The Crystoplians are friendly, but have insane powers when driven mad.

Snowy Forest: A home to all sorts of wildlife, this forest is a sanctuary for birds and animals.

The Sweet Islands: The Sweet Islands are home to some of the rarest birds in the kingdom. One of them is the Mint canary.

Rainbow Kingdom: Up in the clouds, there is an enchanted place filled with rainbows and fairies. Some butterflies, like Moon-wings, are native to there.

Cloud Castle: A secret place in the sky that’s a hotel, a tourist attraction, and a castle. Home to Duchess Sira, this mansion has even got a sky swimming pool!

Heavens Mansion: Hidden in the sky, this is a really hard to get place unless you fly by bird, a Crimson Loftwing, to be exact.

Romantic Chocolate gardens: In this specific garden, everything is edible! From the flowers to the trees, to the gummy animals, there’s even a cafe there!

Wildlife Park: With lots of animals living in it’s trees, grass, flowerbeds, and water, this magical park is a perfect place for animals of all kinds.

Starlight Lake Mansion: Near the beautiful lake, there is a mansion that rich Lady Kristina owns. She can go swimming in the lake if she wants too, and pick beautiful flowers for her garden!

Shipwreck Graveyard: On the bottom of Deepwater Trench, there’s a shipwreck graveyard that holds many mysteries.

Icilia: This snow covered kingdom is covered with beautiful white snow and is home to the snow people and the lovely Snow Queen, Miss Blizzard. There are lots of Arctic and Antarctic animals like Polar Bears, Penguins, and Arctic foxes there.

Holiday Inn: Looking for a place to spend the holidays? This place is just right for you! With its ice rink, hot cocoa bar, and heated swimming pool, this is one jolly place to spend during the holidays!

Iceberg Pass: The cold north ocean has many icebergs and ocean animals that are endangered and need to be protected. It also has an underwater lab.

The Luminous Reef: With hundreds of beautiful creatures teeming in the water, this coral reef comes alive at night for all the animals to party!

Paradise Valley: This enchanted place is home to water Nymphs, Kappas, Tengus, Pegasai, Kitsunes, and Centaurs, all roaming in this wonderful habitat.

The Dragon Palace: Home to the beautiful Miss Otohime and her daddy, the Dragon King, live in this wonderful undersea masterpiece. Those who seek the Dragon Palace must go swimming just off the coast.

Sakura Gardens: A lovely place to begin with, this magical garden has it’s special cherry trees and lots of different butterflies!

Tree of Napping: This special tree is the most perfect spot for heroes to sit and do nothing but relax, of course.

Rainbow Reef: Home to many creatures of the ocean, including whale sharks and dolphins, this place can be teeming with life if it’s sunny.

Starlight Mall: With it’s many stores, fabulous food court, and even giant water park and koi pond, this is ranked #1 on the top 10 shops in Video Game City!

Video Game City Academy: The most Prestigious school in all of the city, this is the most popular school in the entire kingdom. It has room for over 5,000 students and staff, along with a recess area too!

Transformations (Introduced in SSA)

Lauren’s Mermaid form: In water, Lauren gets the power to swim fast and use water spells. Lauren has to use her magic pearl necklace to activate this, though.

Kaguya’s Elegant Sakura Form: Kaguya uses her Princess Dress Up Key to obtain this beautiful and lovely kimono. It’s a very lovely sight if you happen to see it.

Lauren’s Phoenix form:This stunning form is unlocked when Lauren uses the Phoenix amulet at sunset, in an open area, or at dawn.

Queen Alexia: the 54th queen of the Space Kingdom Starlilia. She has a magic staff that symbolizes peace, love, and good feelings.

Queen Alexia’s Jellyfish form: Since she’s the queen of Starlilia, this queen has the special power to become a jellyfish in freshwater or saltwater!

Volans’s human form: when she’s in the water, Volans is a flying fish, able to leap great heights and escape from foes. When she’s on land, Volans is a human girl, able to walk.

Pink Sparkle and Royalty Jewel: In Pink Sparkle, Diancie has the power to make any jewel appear, even pink diamond. In Royalty Jewel, Lauren gains the ability to unleash a charged attack involving a glitter bomb.

Angelic Sugar- Macaroon Perfection (Dress): In the dress part of this outfit, Sweetie has the power to make sweet treats appear out of nowhere, and even better: You can eat them!

Angelic Sugar- Macaroon Perfection (Shoes): Sweetie gets a buttery speed boost in this outfit by turning her sweet shoes into butter roller skates, so that way, she can get around town faster to sell her yummy cinnabuns!

Angelic Sugar- Macaroon Perfection (Accessory): With help from Sweet Treats, this outfit’s Ultimate Attack is Creamy Whip, which involves using a piping bag to do damage to enemies. Also, it heals allies.

Zodiac Magic- Pisces(Top): In this outfit, Iku can call on one of her trusty Fish friends to use whirlpool to suck enemies in!

Zodiac Magic- Pisces (Skirt): Another power that this outfit gives is summoning underwater geysers to knock enemies out of the water!

Zodiac Magic- Pisces (Shoes): A 3rd power that this outfit gives is swimming speed and walking on water. Literally!

Zodiac Magic- Pisces (Accessory): With help from the Sea, this outfit’s Ultimate Attack is Pisces Bomb, which involves charging a water bomb and unleashing it at full power.

Super Zodiac- Pisces (Dress): In this 2nd outfit, Iku can swim with the dolphins, and even feed the sharks without getting hurt!

Super Zodiac- Pisces (Shoes): With help from a raging Ocean, this outfit’s Ultimate Attack is Pisces Bomb X, which does WAY more damage.

Zodiac Magic- Virgo (Top): In this outfit, Junko can use the powers of the moon and use a charged attack that goes by the name of Moonlight Laser.

Zodiac Magic- Virgo (Skirt): Junko has a new ability when she puts on this outfit: Moonlight Guard, which makes her dodge all Ultimate Attacks, just like Shadow Venoct’s new ability, which we’ll be getting onto later.

Zodiac Magic- Virgo (Shoes): This outfit has unlimited Stamina, which means you can run for a long long time!

Zodiac Magic- Virgo (Accessory): With the power of a Caring Heart, this outfit’s Ultimate Attack is Virgo’s prayer, which heals about a ton of HP.

Super Zodiac- Virgo (Dress): In this 2nd outfit, Junko has the power to revive fallen allies in battle, so that way, you don’t have to use revival potions!

Super Zodiac- Virgo (Shoes): With the help from a REALLY Loving Heart, this outfit’s Ultimate Attack is Virgo’s Prayer X, which heals a ton of HP and even revives fallen allies.

Zodiac Magic- Aquarius (Top): A power that this outfit gives is the power to control the flow of water. Only Kappa Nitori can master this.

Zodiac Magic- Aquarius (Skirt): When wearing this outfit, another power is given to Nitori: Water Jump, which allows her to fly out of the water like a seabird when it’s done catching it’s lunch!

Zodiac Magic- Aquarius (Shoes): These shoes allow Nitori to walk on ice, water, and even sharp rocks! They also allow her to jump high.

Zodiac Magic- Aquarius (Accessory): With the power of Ice and Water, this outfit’s Ultimate Attack is Aquarius-Ice Storm, which has a high critical hit chance.

Super Zodiac- Aquarius (Dress): In this 2nd outfit, Nitori can use a new move: Icy Falls, which involves using an Ice Laser AND summoning a Waterfall at the same time.

Super Zodiac- Aquarius (Shoes): With the power of The Arctic Ocean, this outfit’s Ultimate Attack is Aquarius-Ice Storm X, which has a HUGE Critical Hit chance.

Zodiac Magic- Leo (Top): when wearing this outfit, Dorothy gains the power to use a new skill: Lion’s roar. This skill boosts her allies strength and speed.

Zodiac Magic- Leo (Skirt): This outfit allows Dorothy to be invincible to Fire and Lava, which means she can instantly walk through lava without getting burnt!

Zodiac- Magic Leo (Shoes): These shoes give Dorothy immunity to fire hazards and lava bombs, so there’s no worrying whenever she’s near a volcano!

Zodiac Magic- Leo (Accessory): With the help from fire and light, this power’s ultimate attack is Leo’s Blade, which deals a ton of damage.

Super Zodiac- Leo (Dress): In this 2nd outfit, Dorothy can run faster and use her claws to climb walls to get hidden chests.

Super Zodiac- Leo (Shoes): With the help from Burning Passion, this outfit’s Ultimate Attack is Leo’s Blade X, which does about 200 to 280 damage.

Zodiac Magic- Libra (Top): When this outfit is put on,Sanae gets a huge boost in both SPEED and SPIRIT!

Zodiac Magic- Libra (Skirt): Sanae also gains the ability Fog Be-Gone when putting on this outfit, which makes her reveal hard to find things in fog.

Zodiac Magic- Libra (Shoes): These shoes pack a big punch in track meets. They make Sanae go faster, thanks to secret rocket boosters inside them.

Zodiac Magic- Libra (Accessory): With the help from the Sky, this power’s Ultimate Attack is LibraCross Kick, which deals about 40–60 damage to an enemy.

Super Zodiac- Libra (Dress): This outfit allows Sanae to jump to higher places where others can’t reach. It’s also good for The Academy Olympics, too, when Sanae participates in the High Jump event.

Super Zodiac- Libra (Shoes): With help from a Tornado, this outfit’s Ultimate Attack is Libra Cross Kick X, which does 140–160 damage.

Zodiac Magic- Scorpio (Top): In this outfit, Arachnia gets infused with poison and is highly dangerous to enemies. Don’t worry. The poison doesn’t hurt his friends.

Zodiac Magic- Scorpio (Skirt): When this outfit is put on, Arachnia gains the ability Toxic touch, which poisons enemies with his bare hands.

Zodiac Magic- Scorpio (Shoes): Wherever Arachnia steps, poison puddles appear, poisoning enemies so that way, they can take more damage.

Zodiac Magic- Scorpio (Accessory): With the help of poison, this outfit’s Ultimate Attack is Scorpio Shot, which helps drop more items.

Super Zodiac- Scorpio (Dress): In this 2nd outfit, Arachnia uses the power of toxic venom and his spider webs to fool evil minions into becoming trapped.

Super Zodiac- Scorpio (Shoes): With help from Scorpion and Snake venom, this outfit’s Ultimate Attack is Scorpio Shot X, which drops even more items!

Zodiac Magic- Pink Gemini (Top): When Princess Gretel puts this outfit on, she gains the power of the sky and the ability to make sweet cotton candy!

Zodiac Magic- Pink Gemini (Skirt): Cotton Candy Clouds can be visible when this outfit’s ability is activated, which is Sweet Touch. Pretty Yummy, if you ask me!

Zodiac Magic- Pink Gemini (Shoes): These shoes allow Gretel to jump onto any cloud, wether rainbow or candy, she can jump onto any of them!

Zodiac Magic- Pink Gemini (Accessory): With the help of the Clouds, this Power’s Ultimate Attack is Gemini Kiss, which damages enemies AND restores HP.

Zodiac Magic- Cancer (Top): When wearing this outfit, Tenshi gains the ability to go to any beach, and even catch fish for the Aquarium!

Zodiac Magic- Cancer (Skirt): When this outfit is put on, Tenshi gains the ability Tidal Swim, which boosts water element attacks. Sounds wet!

Zodiac Magic- Cancer (Shoes): Tenshi gets the power to spawn a HUGE wave when walking in these sandals, which is useful if you’re running late to a swim meet!

Zodiac Magic- Cancer (Accessory): With the help from The Waves, this outfit’s Ultimate Attack is Cancer Slash, which can do lots of damage, and don’t be so crabby!.

Super Zodiac- Cancer (Dress): In this 2nd outfit, Tenshi gets to make it rain sushi and other fish themed foods. Awesome!

Super Zodiac- Cancer (Shoes): With the power of a furious Tsunami, this outfit’s Ultimate Power is Cancer Slash X, which involves using the power of the furious waves.

Zodiac Magic- Taurus (Top): When this outfit is put on, Cooking Mama gains the power of a raging bull, making damage higher.

Zodiac Magic- Taurus (Skirt): This outfit allows Cooking Mama to spawn food, which heals allies and makes friend making easier.

Zodiac Magic- Taurus (Shoes): These shoes allow Cooking Mama to jump onto any rock and stop any boulder in a second! Talk about irony!

Zodiac Magic- Taurus (Accessory):With help from the Fertile Soil, this outfit’s Ultimate Attack is Taurus Punch, which does about 50–190 damage.

Super Zodiac- Taurus (Dress): in this 2nd outfit, Cooking Mama gets a massive boost in recovering her allies and Nature element attacks!

Super Zodiac- Taurus (Shoes): With help from an Earthquake, This outfit’s Ultimate Attack is Taurus Punch X, which does 60–200 damage.

Zodiac Magic- Sagittarius (Top): when this outfit is put on, Zelda gets the power to use Solar Power, which can fry all her enemies.

Zodiac Magic- Sagittarius (Skirt): Zelda also gets the new attack Sunburn Arrow, which allows her to jab enemies like burning a pancake!

Zodiac Magic- Sagittarius (Shoes): Zelda gains the power of the Sun, which can do highly critical damage if you use it against Earth or Ice element enemies.

Zodiac Magic- Sagittarius (Accessory): With help from the Sun, this outfit’s Ultimate Attack is Light Sagittarius Storm, which does lots of damage.

Super Zodiac- Sagittarius (Dress): in this 2nd outfit, Zelda gets the ability to use a new charged attack called Blooming Arrow, which involves spawning cherry blossoms to damage enemies while the arrow finishes them off.

Super Zodiac- Sagittarius (Shoes): With help from the Sun AND the Moon, this outfit’s Ultimate Attack is Light Sagittarius Storm X, which does a lot more damage than it’s original counterpart.

Zodiac Magic- Aries (Top): Lucina gets to harness the powers of fire, which allows her to use flames to burn her enemies.

Zodiac Magic- Aires (Skirt): This outfit has a special and unique shield only to that outfit: Forest Fire Shield. The shield allows Lucina to rescue animals from erupting volcanoes and forest fires.

Zodiac Magic- Aires (Shoes): When Lucina runs in these shoes, a trail of fire is behind her shoes, making it 20% cooler than normal shoes!

Zodiac Magic- Aires (Accessory): With help from Fire and Lava, this outfit’s Ultimate Attack is Aires Fury, which makes Lucina do tons of fiery punches (And sword slashes) to all enemies.

Super Zodiac- Aires (Dress): In this 2nd outfit, Lucina can make Diamonds from solid rock. That way, they can be mined from the caves!

Super Zodiac- Aires (Shoes): With the power of a Furious Volcano, this outfit’s Ultimate Attack is Aires Fury X, which does about 190–390 damage.

Zodiac Magic- Purple Gemini (Top): When this outfit is put on, Princess Hansel will gain the ability to jump onto any sharp iceberg. Talk about strength!

Zodiac Magic- Purple Gemini (Skirt): When Princess Hansel puts this outfit on, she gains the ability Flash Bomb, which damages all enemies.

Zodiac Magic- Purple Gemini (Shoes): These shoes allow Hansel to make shaved ice wherever she goes,even in super hot weather.

Zodiac Magic- Purple Gemini (Accessory): With the help from Storm Clouds, this outfit’s Ultimate Attack is Gemini Gust, which boosts speed.

Zodiac Magic- Capricorn (Top): In this outfit, Shadow Venoct can throw dark energy bursts, summon a black hole to pull enemies in, and call on his dragon friend, Blackout.

Zodiac Magic- Capricorn (Skirt): Shadow Venoct gains the ability Nightmare Sneak, which dodges all Ultimate Attacks, which is GREAT in Boss Rush.

Zodiac Magic- Capricorn (Shoes): These shoes allow Shadow Venoct to make shadow power-ups real wherever he steps, which is perfect for Halloween!

Zodiac Magic- Capricorn (Accessory): With the help from Black Roses, this outfit’s Ultimate Attack is Capricorn Star, which deals heavy damage.

Super Zodiac- Capricorn (Dress): In this 2nd outfit, Shadow Venoct gains a new attack called Pumpkin Bomb. Shadow Venoct throws a bomb filled with pumpkin puree, which damages enemies AND restores his allies HP.

Super Zodiac- Capricorn (Shoes): With help from Orange Roses, this outfit’s Ultimate Attack is Capricorn Star X, which deals EXTRA Heavy Damage.

Pisces- Pearly Shine (Top): In this outfit, Lana gets the ability Pearly Gem, a unique ability that lets her increase her SPIRIT after she defeats an enemy.

Pisces- Pearly Shine (Skirt): Lana can take pearls out of oysters easily without getting hurt, and it works for clams, too! She can also cause oysters to reveal their shiny pearls.

Pisces- Pearly Shine (Shoes): These shoes have a REALLY pearly shine to them, which blinds Lana’s enemies and dazzles the crowd at The Starlight Mall Fashion Show.

Pisces- Pearly Shine (Accessory): With the power of The Sea Pearls, This outfit’s Ultimate Attack is Pearl Cannon, which involves using the Sea Pearls to fire a MASSIVE water gun.

Pisces- Swan Skater (Top): In this outfit, Azura gains the power of Air and Ice, which allows her to skate fast on Thin Ice.

Pisces- Swan Skater (Skirt): Azura also gets the power to create sharp ice crystals, which can do lots of damage to enemies if timed right.

Pisces- Swan Skater (Shoes): Azura always goes ice skating at the Snowflake Ice rink with these special shoes. They can penetrate through ice like butter!

Pisces- Swan Skater (Accessory): With the power of Snowflakes, This outfit’s Ultimate Attack is Snowflake Burst, which damages all enemies.

Aires- Enchanted Princess (Top): In this outfit, Patchouli gets the power Ribbon Bomb, which involves making a bomb explode in front of all enemies.

Aires- Enchanted Princess (Skirt): Not only does Patchouli heal in this outfit, but also make a lot of critical strikes throughout her attacks! She also has the ability Enchanted Guard, which lands a hit while she’s defending.

Aires- Enchanted Princess (Shoes): There is a trail of shiny stars and sequins trailing behind the shoes of this outfit. Patchouli shows them off to her friends if she has time to!

Aires- Enchanted Princess (Accessory): With the power of Royal Blossoms, this outfit’s Ultimate Attack is Blossoming Fortune, which restores HP.

Swan Lake- Odile (Top): In this outfit, Mallow can wear the outfit of the evil Black Swan Princess Odile! She can also call on an Shiny Swanna to fly her wherever she wants to go.

Swan Lake- Odile (Skirt): An attack that this outfit gives is Swan’s Shadow, which drops more items than usual. It also decreases foes Spirit, which can be useful.

Swan Lake- Odile (Shoes): These shoes can have a trail of stunning black feathers behind them, so it’s best to preform in these so the crowd can go wild!

Swan Lake- Odile (Accessory): with help from the Black Swan Princess Odile, this outfit’s Ultimate Attack is Shadow Vortex, which damages every enemy in front.

Swan Lake- Odette (Top): In this outfit, Lillie can wear the outfit of the lovely Swan Princess Odette! She can also call on a Swanna to fly her wherever she wants to go.

Swan Lake- Odette (Skirt): An Ability this outfit gives is Swan Dance. This involves Lillie dancing to confuse her enemies and make them attack each other or themselves.

Swan Lake- Odette (Shoes): These shoes have leaping power, which allows Lillie to jump high. Even better, they can help her out in ballet practice!

Swan Lake- Odette (Accessory): With help from the Swan Princess Odette, this outfit’s Ultimate Attack is Swan Vortex, which damages all enemies.

Swan Lake- Seigfried (Top): In this outfit, Casanuva can not only heal, but raise ATTACK and SPIRIT with his cannons after he beats enemies.

Swan Lake- Seigfried (Pants): Casanuva gets a new attack in this outfit: Metal Arrow. This involves using a bow and arrow literally made of steel to destroy an enemy.

Swan Lake- Seigfried (Shoes): With the power of A Brave Heart, this outfit’s Ultimate Attack is Hawk Arrow, which targets a single enemy with the power of the bird of prey.

Swan Lake- Magical Swan (Top): In this outfit, Toadette can harness the element of Air and use Air magic attacks, like Tornado and Gust.

Swan Lake- Magical Swan (Pants): An Ability that this outfit gives is Winging It, which allows Toadette to make a hit when she misses an attack or while defending.

Swan Lake- Magical Swan (Accessory): With the power of a Trumpeter Swan, This outfit’s Ultimate Attack is Feathery Storm, which damages all enemies.

Swan Lake Rothbart- (Top): In this outfit, Casanono can use his flames to turn any enemy into a cute little bird. Pigeon? Got that. Penguin? Heck yeah!

Swan Lake- Rothbart (Pants):An Ability that this outfit gives is Transforming Mist, which allows Casanono to turn into an enemy and use their attacks, just like Ditto!

Swan Lake- Rothbart (Shoes): There’s a trail of dark feathers that are behind these shoes every time Casanono walks. These can help lure henchmen into traps.

Swan Lake- Rothbart (Accessory): With help from the Darkness, this outfit’s Ultimate Attack is Shadow Curse, which lowers the spirit of all the enemies.

Cinderella- Ball Gown (Top): In this lovely gown, Yuyuko can dance gracefully on the dance floor, do some spin attacks, and amaze the crowd at the annual Video Game City Fashion Show.

Cinderella- Ball Gown (Skirt): Yuyuko gets a new attack in this outfit: Glass Rose Storm. This involves using glass rose petals to form a hurricane and destroy enemies.

Cinderella- Ball Gown (Shoes): These shoes are made from pure blue glass and never shatter. They’re also useful for running away during a basilisk attack. Those shoes have many uses!

Cinderella- Ball Gown (Accessory): With the power of Kindness, this outfit’s Ultimate Attack is Shining Heart, which increases the chances of befriending AND heals allies.

Cinderella- Moonstruck (Top): In this outfit, Youmu can spawn horses which are useful for riding in horse shows. Let’s just hope that she doesn’t turn all her friends into pumpkins by accident…

Cinderella- Moonstruck (Skirt): Another power that this outfit gives is Lunar Strike, which involves Youmu using her sword coated with moonlight to strike a single enemy.

Cinderella- Moonstruck (Shoes): Youmu gets to not only summon her ghost, but also summon a bat friend! Her new ability in this outfit is Eternal Night, which means her attacks will always succeed.

Cinderella- Moonstruck (Accessory): With help from a Good Witch, this outfit’s Ultimate Attack is Starlight Spell, which damages enemies and drops more items.

Cinderella- Pumpkin Carriage (Top): In this outfit, Chen can use her kitty cat powers to crunch pumpkins, apples, and even tough shelled Brazilian Nuts!

Cinderella- Pumpkin Carriage (Pants): An ability Chen gets in this outfit is Orangey Goodness. When she falls in battle, her allies Ultimate Attack Meters fill up.

Cinderella- Pumpkin Carriage (Shoes): With help from a Ripe Orange Pumpkin, this outfit’s Ultimate Attack is Pumpkin Bomb, which damages enemies.

Cinderella- The Strike of Twelve (Top): In this outfit, Yukari has a new ability called Time Reverse, which allows her to turn back the clock a bit if she’s running late to the academy.

Cinderella- The Strike of Twelve (Skirt): In this outfit, Yukari can warp to different time eras instead of using the time machine! A useful outfit when you’re time traveling.

Cinderella- The Strike of Twelve (Shoes): Yes, Yukari has her own Time machine. But she only uses it for important missions, so she uses this adorable outfit to visit the past!

Cinderella- The Strike of Twelve (Accessory 1):With help from a Giant Clock, this outfit’s Ultimate Attack is Timely Reverse, which involves turning back time, healing HP and reviving fallen allies.

Cinderella- The Strike of Twelve (Accessory 2): With the power of The Strike of Midnight, this Outfit’s 2nd Ultimate Attack is Aquatic Reverse, which can summon whirlpools.

Cinderella- Shoes of Glass (Top): In this outfit, Ran uses her new ability, Jewel Reveal, to reveal hidden Diamonds in the hard carbon inside the Earth. Perfect for getting super duper rich.

Cinderella- Shoes of Glass (Skirt): Ran has a bracelet filled that has a pocket mirror and some blush. That way, she can do her makeup AND battle with her allies at the same time!

Cinderella- Shoes of Glass (Shoes): With help from a Heart of Glass, this outfit’s Ultimate Attack is Diamond Cannon, which damages enemies.

The Nutcracker- Candy Clara (Top): In this outfit, Shou can spawn sugary sweets and other yummy snacks. They can be sold at Sweetie’s Candy Store in Starlight Mall.

The Nutcracker- Candy Clara (Skirt): Shou also gets the ability Sweet touch, allowing her to turn ice into shaved ice, perfect in hot weather.

The Nutcracker- Candy Clara (Shoes): These shoes leave Jello behind, so these shoes are actually bouncy and yummy at the same time!

The Nutcracker- Candy Clara (Accessory): With help from any Candy Imaginable, this outfits Ultimate Attack is Peppermint Kick, which does around 50–90 damage.

The Nutcracker- The Mouse King (Top): In this outfit, Nazarin can spawn a HUGE block of cheese, allowing it to attract mice to eat it, sharing the cheese with Nazarin herself!

The Nutcracker -The Mouse King (Skirt): An Ability that this outfit gives is Animal Call. This allows Nazarin to call on rodents to support her in battle.

The Nutcracker- The Mouse King (Shoes): These shoes have a cotton fluff trim around them, which allows Nazarin to ice skate and stay warm in the snowy mountains.

The Nutcracker- The Mouse King (Accessory): With help from Mice, this outfit’s Ultimate Attack is March of the Mice, which boosts all stats and attacks enemies.

The Nutcracker- Mr. Nutcracker (Top): In this outfit, Murasa gets to disguise herself as a doll and attack enemies by surprise with her anchor rifle.

The Nutcracker- Mr. Nutcracker (Pants): Murasa gets a new attack in this outfit: Acrobatic Kick. This allows her to jump high and make critical hits from above.

The Nutcracker- Mr.Nutcracker (Shoes): with help from Toy Soldiers, this outfit’s Ultimate attack is Nutcracker Bomb, which involves using a giant bomb to damage enemies (And Sometimes, Allies.).

The Nutcracker- Princess Sugarplum (Top): In this outfit, Byakuren has the power of bringing anything to life. She can turn Fruity Drops into kids, Cotton Candy into a Ballerina, and so on.

The Nutcracker- Princess Sugarplum (Skirt): Byakuren gets a new attack in this outfit: Sugary Lotus. This involves using lotus petals to heal her allies HP. The sugared petals also make a great snack!

The Nutcracker- Princess Sugarplum (Shoes): With help from Sugar and Spice, this outfit’s Ultimate attack is Flowering Sugar, which heals allies and fully restores their HP.

The Nutcracker- The Snow Pixies (Top): In this outfit, Ichirin can make Unzan summon snow clouds to bring snow to Video Game City! A perfect outfit in the wintertime.

The Nutcracker- The Snow Pixies (Skirt): Blizzards hear Ichirin’s call wherever she goes. That way, she can freeze lava into ice and hot rocks into ice stones!

The Nutcracker- The Snow Pixies (Shoes): With help from the Freezing North, this outfit’s Ultimate Attack is Sub-Zero Gust,which damages all enemies.

Thumbelina- Little Tiny (Top): In this outfit, Daiyousei has the power to shrink her friends to thumb size so that way, she can have a tea party with The Flower Fairies!

Thumbelina- Little Tiny (Skirt): An attack that this outfit gives is Tulip Blessing, which restores HP and sometimes, counters.

Thumbelina- Little Tiny (Shoes): Wherever Daiyousei steps in these shoes, Colorful Flowers Bloom! This is great for gardening fast and garden parties.

Thumbelina- Little Tiny (Accessory): With help from Blossoming Flowers, this outfit’s Ultimate Attack is Flowering Party, which restores HP.

Thumbelina- Sir Blossom (Top): In this outfit, Cirno can now thaw frozen blooms and make them blossom! It has a huge impact on the first day of spring.

Thumbelina- Sir Blossom (Pants): Cirno can now make flowers grow back whenever she picks one. She calls them Eternal Flowers due to their unique reproduction system.

Thumbelina- Sir Blossom (Shoes): These shoes have lovely flower blossoms trailing behind them, so it’s best to make a trail out of these!

Thumbelina- Sir Blossom (Accessory): With help from The Flower Pixies, this outfit’s Ultimate Attack is Pixie Thaw, which restores HP and damages enemies.

Thumbelina- Mr. Swallow (Top): In this outfit, Rumia can call on a regal Swallow to take her anywhere she wants instead of being dizzy and spinning around to somewhere random!

Thumbelina- Mr. Swallow (Skirt): An Ability that this outfit gives is Solar Trick, which raises SPEED and ATTACK. An attack that this outfit gives is Swallow Dive.

Thumbelina- Mr. Swallow (Shoes): with help from a Sleek Swallow, this Outfit’s Ultimate Attack is Swallow Strike, which has a high chance of canceling Ultimate Attacks.

Thumbelina- Ms. Butterfly (Top): In this outfit, Wriggle can go out in the daytime and make friends with new bugs! Butterflies are just one of them.

Thumbelina- Ms. Butterfly (Skirt): Wriggle’s new Ability in this outfit is Acrobat, which allows her to strike a hit if she misses an attack or is defending.

Thumbelina- Ms. Butterfly (Shoes): With help from a Graceful Butterfly, this outfit’s Ultimate Attack is Butterfly Miracle, which heals HP.

Snow White- The Princess of Snow (Top): In this outfit, Shikeki can have lips that are cherry red, crow black hair streaks, and fair, white skin, of course!

Snow White- The Princess of Snow (Skirt): In this outfit, Shikeki has immunity to poison, which allows her to withstand poison ivy, poison oak, and toxic animals.

Snow White- The Princess of Snow (Shoes): An ability that this outfit gives is Ackee Protection, so that way, when Shikeki eats an Ackee fruit, the seeds vanish into thin air like a ghost!

Snow White- The Princess of Snow (Accessory): With help from a Pure Heart, this outfit’s Ultimate Attack is Rouge Blizzard, which damages enemies.

Snow White- Mirror Mirror (Top): In this outfit, Komachi gains the ability to teleport, that way, she won’t be lazing around for any longer no matter what she’s doing!

Snow White- Mirror Mirror (Skirt): Komachi gains a new Ability in this outfit: Moon Warp. This allows her to reach far, distant places where others can’t reach.

Snow White- Mirror Mirror (Shoes): Komachi can turn illusions into actual reality with these shoes! The ability, Illusion Reveal, can reveal invisible objects that can’t be seen by the naked eye.

Snow White- Mirror Mirror (Accessory): With help from a Magic Mirror, this outfit’s Special Attack is Mirror Pulse, which boosts all stats.

Snow White- The Smiley Dwarfs (Top): In this Outfit, Medicine becomes cuter than ever, with a new Attack: Pickaxe Crush. This allows her to smash any rock imaginable, even tough shelled granite.

Snow White- The Smiley Dwarfs (Skirt): Medicine uses her newly found Earth powers to dig holes into the Earth to help her friends find the best fossils for the Museum, Impressive!

Snow White- The Smiley Dwarfs (Shoes): Medicine gets a place in her boots to carry around Dolls, Jewels, and other useful stuff. The max capacity in Medicine’s Boot Pockets is 30 items.

Snow White- The Smiley Dwarfs (Accessory): with help from the Rich, Fertile soil, this outfit’s Ultimate Attack is Mining Victory, which boosts STRENGTH.

Snow White- The Girl Dwarfs (Top): In this outfit, Lily White can use flowers and blossoms to bring dead plants and flowers back to life. All she has to do is put the flower close enough.

Snow White- The Girl Dwarfs (Pants): Lily White’s new Ability in this outfit is Regal Bloom, which restores the HP of allies and protects them from the brim of defeat.

Snow White- The Girl Dwarfs (Shoes): with help from Sweet Smelling Flowers, this outfit’s Ultimate Attack is Voice of the Forest, which heals allies.

Snow White- The Bad Apple (Top): In this outfit, Yuuka can harness the powers of poison and HP draining. This is useful when facing a tough enemy.

Snow White- The Bad Apple (Skirt): This outfit’s Ability, just like Chen’s, is Juicy Goodness. This means, when Yuuka falls in Battle, her allies Ultimate Attack Meters fill up.

Snow White- The Bad Apple (Shoes): with help from an VERY Toxic Apple, this outfit’s Ultimate Attack is Toxic Rejuvenation, which poisons all enemies.

Sleeping Beauty- Miss Lilac (Top): In this outfit, Camellia gets a new attack called Lilac Tornado. This makes her use purple flower petals to stir up a whirlwind to damage enemies.

Sleeping Beauty- Miss Lilac (Skirt): Camellia’s new Ability in this outfit is called Wishful Bloom, which allows her to raise SPIRIT after she beats enemies.

Sleeping Beauty- Miss Lilac (Shoes): These shoes have Purple Sparkles trailing behind them, so Camellia can lure animals back into the forest after they’re fully recovered.

Sleeping Beauty- Miss Lilac (Accessory): With help from a Good Fairy, this outfit’s Ultimate Attack is Lilac Dream, which restores HP.

Sleeping Beauty- Aurora’s Slumber (Top): In this outfit, Blizzaria can now wake up sleeping animals that have inhaled Spectrona’s Sleeping Powder thanks to her lovely voice.

Sleeping Beauty- Aurora’s Slumber (Skirt):An Attack that Blizzaria gets in this outfit is called Rose of Ice, which damages enemies and allows her to use both Ice and Nature combined!

Sleeping Beauty- Aurora’s Slumber (Shoes): These shoes make sweet smelling and beautiful Crystal Roses appear wherever Blizzaria steps. The Crystal Roses can be used for decoration, for Jewelry, or for show.

Sleeping Beauty- Aurora’s Slumber (Accessory): With help from a Regal Rose, this outfit’s Ultimate Attack is Shiny Flower Fiesta, which restores HP and damages enemies.

Sleeping Beauty- The Bad Black Fairy (Top): In this outfit, Damona has the new Ability called Dreaming Haze, which makes her give Villains Bad Dreams while her allies have Sweet Dreams when they are sleeping.

Sleeping Beauty- The Bad Black Fairy (Skirt): A new attack this outfit gives is Dreamful Pledge. This involves Damona using the Moon’s Power to strike a hit on all enemies.

Sleeping Beauty- The Bad Black Fairy (Shoes): These shoes have tiny moon pouches hidden under their jeweled decorations. This is useful for Damona so that way she can carry even more items.

Sleeping Beauty- The Bad Black Fairy (Accessory): With help from both Good and Bad Dreams, this outfit’s Ultimate Attack is Legendary Dream, which puts enemies to sleep.

The Little Mermaid- Princess Pearl (Top): In this outfit, Misty has the power to breathe Underwater, talk to Water Type Pokemon, and even make sick coral feel better!

The Little Mermaid- Princess Pearl (Skirt): An Ability that this outfit gives is Tidal Parting, which allows Misty to part the tides of Video Game City Beach like Moses himself parted the Red Sea.

The Little Mermaid- Princess Pearl (Shoes): These shoes allow Misty to surf onto any wave with her Water Type Pokemon. They also spawn rainbow bubbles which float heroes up into the sky for a great view of the kingdom.

The Little Mermaid- Princess Pearl (Accessory): With help from the Calm, Soothing Sea, this outfit’s Ultimate Attack is Waterfall Spiral, which damages all the enemies in the front row.

The Little Mermaid- Grimalda The Witch (Top): In this outfit, May gains the power of the Mariana Trench, which means she can dive to deeper waters to find new, unnamed sea creatures.

The Little Mermaid- Grimalda The Witch (Skirt): May’s new Ability in this outfit is Treasure Scan. This allows her to scan the area for hidden treasures so that way, she can take them to the Museum.

The Little Mermaid- Grimalda The Witch (Shoes): These shoes make Purple Deep Sea Bubbles, which poison enemies who touch them. They can also hitch a ride on a deep sea fish as well!

The Little Mermaid- Grimalda The Witch (Accessory): With help from the Mariana Trench, this outfit’s Ultimate Attack is Abyssal Whirlpool, which makes water spout on all enemies.

The Little Mermaid- Princess Alyssa(Top): In this outfit, Dawn gains the power of The Deep Sea, which allows her to light the way thanks to her glow in the dark feature in her outfit.

The Little Mermaid- Princess Alyssa (Skirt): There are teeny tiny sea pearls on every side of the skirt. These can change color whenever Dawn goes in water to create a shining and beautiful effect for the little fishes.

The Little Mermaid- Princess Alyssa (Shoes): These shoes set off whirlpools wherever Dawn steps, so Piplup can use them to swallow up enemies!

The Little Mermaid- Princess Alyssa (Accessory): With help from The Deep Sea, this outfit’s Ultimate Attack is Deep Sea Tsunami, which involves calling upon a giant tsunami to attack enemies.

The Little Mermaid- Prince John (Top): In this outfit, Serena gets the new, exclusive Ability called Aqua Bond, which allows her to use both Grass and Water type Pokemon.

The Little Mermaid- Prince John (Pants): An Attack that this outfit gives is Sea Foam Geyser. This involves Serena and Pancham using Ice Punch and Sea Foam to create a tall geyser that blows enemies out of the water. Literally.

The Little Mermaid- Prince John (Shoes): With help from Land and Sea, this Outfit’s Ultimate Attack is Foaming Current, which damages enemies with strong moving water.

Kaguya Hime- Princess of The Moon (Top): Kaguya dons a beautiful Kimono made from the kingdom’s finest satin and silk. It has a holographic effect, which means it shines brighter than any other of the Moon Outfits.

Kaguya Hime- Princess of The Moon (Skirt): An Attack this outfit gives is Moonshine Power. This makes Kaguya use one of her objects to boost a skill in battle. Buda’s Bowl increases Smash Money after a Battle, The Jeweled Hourai Branch makes Critical Hits stronger, The Fire Rat Skin increases ATTACK, The Dragon Orb increases SPIRIT, and the Cowrie increases DEFENSE.

Kaguya Hime- Princess of The Moon (Shoes): These shoes have BOTH gold leaf and Moon Diamonds on them, so that way, Lunarians can notice Kaguya even when she’s out shopping!

Kaguya Hime- Princess of The Moon (Accessory): with help from the Magical Moon, this outfit’s Ultimate Attack is Lunarian Prayer, which restores HP.

Kaguya Hime- Peony of The Moon (Top): In this outfit, Fujiwara no Mokou can control Fire and Nature while planting peonies in her garden for all to see.

Kaguya Hime- Peony of The Moon (Skirt): An Attack that this outfit gives is Peony Flames, which combines Flowers and Fire together for a stunning effect for the crowd, but for the enemies, they get baked like Cheese Pizza!

Kaguya Hime- Peony of The Moon (Shoes): These shoes spawn Moon Peonies wherever Mokou steps, so that way she can garden anywhere no matter what time it is!

Kaguya Hime- Peony of The Moon (Accessory): With help from Enchanted Moon Peonies, this outfit’s Ultimate Attack is Peony Storm, which damages Enemies.

Kaguya Hime- Flower of The Moon (Top): In this outfit, Eirin uses the power of dancing to make her enemies head’s spin fast enough due to her dancing. She can also whip up some stunning poses enough to make the crowd go wild.

Kaguya Hime- Flower of The Moon (Skirt): In this outfit, Eirin gets all the attention at the Annual Video Game City Fashion Show. The Villains are jealous and angry while her friends are amazed.

Kaguya Hime- Flower of The Moon (Shoes): Eirin’s new Attack in this outfit is called Sakura Shower, which both damages and heals allies at the exact same time.

Kaguya Hime- Flower of The Moon (Accessory): With help from Mystical Moon Flowers, this outfit’s Ultimate Attack is Floral Dance, which involves Eirin using fans to do a splendid dance until the enemies drop.

Kaguya Hime- Emerald of The Moon (Top): In this outfit, Keine dons a stunning gossamer gown, ready to dance the night away with Moon Emeralds reflecting stunning effects.

Kaguya Hime- Emerald of The Moon (Skirt): Keine’s New attack in this outfit is called Emerald Fan, which involves Keine to do a Lunar spin and hit rapidly with it.

Kaguya Hime- Emerald of The Moon (Shoes): With help from Shiny Moon Emeralds, this outfit’s Ultimate Attack is Emerald Illusion, which makes the enemies confused.

Pigeon Kingdom- Spirit of a Lily

Elements: Air and Nature

Attacks: Lily Blast, Blossoming Cannon, and Floral Kick.

Ultimate Attack: Lily Hurricane: With the power of White Lilies, this Ultimate Attack summons a whirlwind of Lily Petals to blow enemies away!

Description: Made from the silky feel of Lily Petals, Lusamine of the Aether Foundation loves this style and keeps it in her wardrobe, only to be worn on special events.

Cloud Empire- Peacock Beauty

Elements: Air and healing

Attacks:Windy Spiral, Feather Jab, and Fan Boomerang.

Ultimate Attack: Peacock Prayer: With support from Beautiful Peacocks, Peacock Prayer heals all wounds with special feathers that are summoned.

Description: Cure Princess has a HUGE Obsession with Peacocks, so she has this special gown if she wants to play dress up as one!

Apple Federal- Crystal Mermaid

Elements: Water and Light

Attacks: Aquatic Spin, Geyser Shot, and Bubbling Blast.

Ultimate Attack: With power of the Ocean, Diamond Tsunami involves a Tsunami filled with crystals to drown your enemies!

Description: If Gym Leader Misty can’t get enough of Mermaids, then she wears this dress when she goes to the beach or the swimming pool to take a dip in this waterproof gown.


Mermaid mix: This potion allows you to breathe underwater and hear the sea animals speak to you. It’s like going snorkeling, but without all the extra gear!

Blending in potions: These potions can help you sneak up on enemies whether you’re far away or not! They can also help you in dungeons where they’re extra useful.

Teleportation potions: Each of these potions transport you to a different area. Red takes you to Mount Fire, Orange takes you to Maple Forest, Yellow takes you to Gold Sands Desert, and so on.

Defense potions: these potions allow your defense to raise, forming a barrier that reflects certain attacks. Blue reflects Attacks, Yellow reflects Magic, and Pink reflects Bombs.

Speed Potions: These potions allow you to run fast. Purple makes you fast, Blue makes you faster, Green makes you run even faster, Yellow makes you run at the speed of a cheetah, and Red makes you go REALLY fast.

Flight Potions: These potions allow you to summon an air animal that you can fly on. Green summons a Dragon, Blue summons a Pegasus, Gold Summons a Phoenix, White Summons a Griffin, and Purple Summons a Butterfly.

Elemental Potions: Each of these potions allow you to harness a different element. Green stands for Earth, Orange stands for Fire, Purple stands for Air, Yellow stands for Lightning, and Blue stands for Water.

Mood Potions: These potions have different effects on your feelings. Red makes you Angry, Yellow makes you Happy, Green makes you Grossed Out, Blue makes you Sad, Purple makes you Scared, and White makes you Calm.

Restoration Potions: Each of these potions has a different effect on you. Red restores your HP, Yellow restores your Ultimate Attack Gauge, Green restores your Stamina, Blue restores your Air when swimming underwater, and Purple restores your Attack.


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