My trailers for my book series

The Storybook Collection:

Me: One Special Book…

Rosalina: What IS That?

Me: Can bring Fairy Tales to life.

Everyone Else: AHHHH!!

Me: Join Rosalina, Dedede, Meta Knight, Ash Ketchum, and all your favorite characters as they retell classic fairy tales in their own words!

Felice: Marina! We HAVE to save him!

Me: From Cinderella to The Little Mermaid to The Ugly Duckling, there’s a story for any occasion!

Cinderella: Gotta go! Bye!

Me: Super Smash Adventures: The Storybook Collection!

Escargoon: How Much is this book?

Anzu: It’s free.

Me: Coming soon, this Spring!

It’s a Super Smash Christmas:

Me: This Holiday season,

Me:Celebrate The Love,

Lauren: Yay! It’s almost Christmas!

Me: The Spirit,

Troy: Christmas Eve, the time when all of the city is full of joy.

Shadowstar: MUAHAHAHA!!!

Me: And.. The Naughtiness?

Doctor Maddiman: With this, WE can take control of everyone and we’re gonna get on the nice list! Santa won’t even know!

Me: In a city of heroes…

Shadowstar: If we’re going to get on the nice list, WE have to stop that blue haired angel… and her brother first.

Me: But Only one girl has what it takes…

Peach: With your loving heart and big brain, you can do it!

Me: To save Christmas.

Lauren: Let’s go!

Everyone Else: YEAH!

Me: This Holiday Season,

Unikitty: We need more backup!

Benny: I got it! YAHOO!

Me: Celebrate Christmas with your favorite characters…


Me: In an all new adventure!

Lauren: Aren’t you excited for tonight’s big party, Uber Geeko?

Uber Geeko: Yeah.

Lauren: I’m glad you said so!

Me: It’s a Super Smash Christmas!

Lauren: We Did it everyone, Christmas is saved!

Me: Coming Soon, this holiday season!

Super Smash Adventures: The Great Mermaid Adventure:

Me: What happens when a day at the beach…

Lauren: Let’s dive!

Me: Sinks to the bottom of the sea?


Me: Things are gonna get a little too…

Rosalina: I must say, I think the pearls fused our legs together.

Me: Fishy.

Daisy: I LOVE THIS!!!

Queen Aquamarine: You have to find these 10 special items and stop Toxita! Hurry!

Me: With the Mermaid Kingdom in deep trouble…

Tiff: We HAVE to get through all this wind to reach the sword!

Me: Lauren and all her friends will have to face the ultimate challenge.

Wallace: Jump! It’s the only way to get off the glacier!

Everyone Else: AHHHHHH!!!!!!

Me: Join Lauren and her friends…

Toxita: MY EARS!!!

Me: On their Biggest underwater adventure yet!

Toadal Dude: This is WAY more fun than surfing!

Me: Super Smash Adventures: The Great Mermaid Adventure!


Me: Coming This Summer!

The Mystery Series:

Me: When Danger lurks in the city…

Cure Flora: That’s weird. The plants are losing their color.

Me: Join Kirby, Cure Flora, Alphys, and the others as they solve mysteries around Video Game City!

Prince Fluff: TIME FOR BOO BOOS!!!

Me: From the Lunch Servers disappearing to colorless flowers, it’s up to the team to solve em’ all!

Nyx: If not, All the color will belong to me. Literally.

Me:This Fall, join the heroes on the biggest detective mysteries yet!

Adeline: This is fun!

Me: Super Smash Adventures: The Mystery series!

Dedede: I guess they deserved that.

Me: Coming soon, this Fall!

The Great Smash Race:

Me: This Spring…

Lakitu: On Your Marks… Get Set…

Me: The Race is On!

Lakitu: GO!

Me: Join Mario, Link, Kirby, Lauren, Troy, and all their friends as the go for the gold in one epic race!

Lauren: And Dimentio is out of the race due to one of Wakasagihime’s Bubbles!

Me: They have to face Nightmare, Dame Dedtime, Mckracken, and eventually, King Shadowstar himself.


Me: The Great Smash Race!

Lauren: Let’s Win this prize and break that losing streak once and for all!

Everyone Else: OK!

Me: Coming soon, this Spring!

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