Super Smash adventures: The Storybook Collection WAVE ONE book 1: Cinderella by The Brothers Grimm

MUSIC: Springdale Elementary, Patch Castle, Terror time: Escaping, Comet Observatory, Old Springdale, and Parfrum Palace

Once Upon a time, in the kingdom of modern day London, There lives a young girl named Cinderella Who is sweet and kind, and has many animal friends. (Her real name is Sarah)

You see, Cinderella has had a pretty mommy and a kind-hearted daddy. She is always friends with the birds, mice, and other animals. When she was 5 years old, she has even helped a weak pichu in the forest!

Even though her mom has died due to an unknown sickness, she has left these words to her: “Darling, I’m gonna see you through all of life’s hard times. So have lots of courage, and be kind always.” and her dad has a terrible second honeymoon to the Grand Canyon with her stepmother Jane and her 2 spoiled daughters, Emma and Coco.

Emma and Coco

Coco and Emma are VERY lazy and they make our poor Cinderella do all the hard work around the house, while they are playing their Xbox 360, going on shopping trips to Nordstrom Rack, out to the movies, and more. But Cinderella isn’t alone. She is friends with the mice and birds, and they and her dad love her so. So this means that Jane has to boss our poor Cinderella around, doing all the chores, from washing the dishes to scrubbing the toilets, Cinderella has to do it all.

But then one day, Prince Roy is having a party to find his perfect date so he can get married.

Prince Roy

When Coco and Emma hear about this, they shout, “OMG! Prince Roy is gonna have a party at his Castle!” they say. “ Can I come too?” Cinderella asks. “NO!!!!” Jane yells. “You and your daddy need to make dinner for us when we get back from the party! And you are not allowed!” They say. So Cinderella gets Coco and Emma ready for the dance party. The entire time, they freak out when Cinderella dunks them in the shower, tie their bodices too tight, and they fret when Cinderella makes them try out new hairstyles, and when Cinderella makes them try on new dresses she has ordered from Amazon.

“Bye bye, Cinderella, you are not gonna go to the party.” they tease and off they go.When Cinderella and her daddy are left at home, Cinderella begins to cry.”WHY,WHY, WON’T MY SISTERS LET ME GO TO THE PARTY? LIFE IS NOT FAIR!” She cries. “Don’t be sad, you CAN go to the party since you are a good girl!” Comes a sudden voice from nowhere. It’s an old hag, but when Cinderella gives her some Nutella Filled Bread, the old hag reveals it’s actually her fairy godmother. “Hello, my Darling Cinderella.” She says.

The fairy godmother

“I know what you want, To go to the party, I know, I know. So I need a toy car, Your tiny mouse friends, and Alex.” So Cinderella brings the stuff the Fairy needs. So the fairy touches the toy car and says,” Hocus Pocus, Make this Motor car grow huge!

So the Fairy godmother turns the toy car into a fancy limo. Then she turns her tiny mouse friends into drivers. Then she makes Alex grow to the size a butler wearing purple.

Then The fairy godmother chooses some fashion Ideas, but some of them are crazy and odd. Then, The fairy godmother uses her magic one last time, and soon Cinderella is wearing a beautiful gown of lace, diamonds, and silk.

“I have to be on the cover of this years fashion magazine!” Cinderella says with joy. Then the fairy godmother gives Cinderella a pair of shiny glass shoes, that are the right size.”These are made of glass, so whatever you do, DO NOT KICK ANY ROCKS IN THESE SHOES!” The fairy godmother says.

Then the fairy godmother gives one last warning: “You have to come back at midnight, which is WAY past your bedtime, but everything will wear off, so don’t forget!” “All aboard the magic ESP limo!” Alex says. So off they go to prince Milo’s castle for the big party.When she arrives at the ball, there is tons of food, and everyone stops to look at our dear Cinderella. This is what everyone says.

“Who is that girl? I just wanna know!” said Valentine.
“Is That a princess?” Asked Rebelina.
“OMG, She is the cutest!” Princess said.
“She is so pretty!” Yelled Elegance.
Chally said,” Now that’s a FOX!”
“AMAZING!!!!” said Lucia.
“That is a true beauty.” said Anya.

Then prince Milo steps up to her, and they begin to dance beautifully, as if they are made of thin air. Everyone is staring at them as they dance along, as well. “Are you kidding me? WHO THE HECK IS THAT?!?!” says Coco as she dances under the disco light, being shocked like the wind.

They dance for a long time, and Cinderella is so happy that she actually forgets the time-Even if she doesn’t have a watch. As Cinderella runs away from Prince Roy down the marble and crystal staircase, one of her glass shoes falls off, and Prince Roy manages to pick it back up to show his staff a little while later.

When Cinderella gets back home, everything goes back to normal, and Cinderella says to her fairy godmother, “Thanks for everything.” “You are most welcome, my child.” she says. “Cinderella gazes at the castle, hoping that she and Prince Roy will dance once more.

Sometime later, Prince Roy decides to call every single girl in the kingdom to try on the shoe, but there is only one tiny problem: The shoe has to fit the person who has left it behind!

So they call every girl on the loudspeakers and so every girl has to try it on… But things don’t go as they plan, Every girl they visit, the shoe doesn’t ANY of them! Roy and his servants travel through all the different worlds, hoping that they will find a match. Then the tired prince and his servants arrive at Cinderella’s mansion where Coco and Emma are waiting with excitement for Roy.

Coco goes first. But when she tried to put on the shoe, she can’t get her toe in! Next goes Emma. When she tries to put on the shoe, she can’t get her heel in this time! Then Cinderella tries it on, and it is an extremely perfect fit! Then Fairy Godmother appears and gives Cinderella a perfect dress to wear and Coco, Emma, and Jane are super duper shocked.

After that, Everyone is invited to Cinderella and Milo’s magnificent wedding, even Her Daddy, Jane, Coco, and Emma! Since this very day, Everyone lives Together, Happily Ever After. Also, this was based of the LIVE ACTION Disney spinoff on the story, so don’t worry. Coco doesn’t cut off her toe, and Emma doesn’t cut off her heel in this version, so it’s just for Kids!

The End

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