Super smash Adventures: The Great Mermaid Adventure

Shiny and Beautiful Crystal Waters is in danger of being polluted! Can Team Smash save the ocean before it’s too late?

It is just another day. But this time we are headed to the beach to see our friends.They have decided to have a day off at the beach and relax. “Hey, guys, ready to go surfing?” says my good friend Lauren.I am just about to put up the umbrella and relax, until I see a magnificent mermaid who has a aqua blue tail and pink hair. She has some other mermaids by her side,too.” Hi,my name is Water Lily.”She says.”These are my 6 cousins from the other kingdoms,Alyssa,Marina,Lily, Ally, Lina,and Pearl.” “You have been sent to help us.” she says. “The sea Enchantress’s evil sister, the Witch Toxita,Is planning to pollute the 7 seas! We need your help to save our beautiful waters. Please help!” Alyssa says. “These magic apple slices will give you the power to breathe underwater,and they also make you swim fast.” Ally says. So we eat the apple slices, jump into the water, and we discover a world never like it on land! “Look at that school of lil orange clownfish!” says Miku. “I wonder if there are any octopuses here. Those guys are cool.” says Arachnus. “Yeah, I bet there are green sea turtles here too. I’d better put up some posters to save them.” Says Toadal Dude.

Then we see cute sea animals that were curious about us. “These are guardian animals,they will help you on your adventure.” Then Marina and her dolphin friend,Flip, hand each of us a baby guardian sea animal. I get a sweet Pink dolphin named Pearl while Lauren gets a lovely turtle named Shelly and so on. “Lets go.” Ally says. To our delight, we stumble upon a Mermaid city called Aqualia.“Look! that’s my aunt, her 3 assistants and my sisters!” says Lina. “Hello, my sweet niece. I will take you and your new friends up to the surface to meet some of my old friends, the sea pixies.” She says.

The Mermaid Queen’s kind sister, Corsica. This beautiful mer-duchess lives in a mansion next to the reef, so that way she can allow the animals to visit.
Corsica’s #1 assistant, Mariana. The youngest of the mermaid assistants, and she has the job of dressing.
Corsica’s #2 assistant, Golda. The middle aged assistant, and she has the job of cleaning.
Assistant 3, Gelatina. The oldest assistant, and has the job of cooking.
Sea Pixies: These little creatures may be timid, but they can pack a punch in their magic attacks.

So the sea pixies welcome us with some of their yummy baking and cooking. (you should try their cookies. they are SO GOOD!!!)“Have you known where Aquaria is?” Miku says. Our friends Kake and Annika come up to the surface, change into human form, and say, “Travel down a waterfall and you will find her snail shell home.” They say. “We are coming with you, our BFFS.” Kake and Annika’s friends say. Lina and the other mermaids agree. So we swim down the enchanted waterfall, into the oceanic mist.

Kake, the mermaid princess of The Sea of Rainbows. Her kingdom is super colorful and filled with fish of every color.

Meanwhile, The mermaid’s human boyfriends and the queen are still hung up in chains and stuck. Even though Toxita’s henchmen tease them, Their boyfriends still think about their girlfriends, while the queen thinks about her people.

Then we see a HUGE snail that has a BIG shell on its back.”Excuse me,” Keine Kamishiwara says, Is Aquaria in your shell?”She says, “And can you open you open your shell, please?” Cure Princess and Toriel say. “OPEN MY SHELL!?!?!?” She says. “If you want to see me open my shell, come under the water.” she says. So we all dive under the water. I feel that I am dry in water! When the shell opens, Pearl and her sisters and I gasp. Dedede makes a shocked face. “THAT must be Aquaria!” We say at the same time.

Annika in Human form: In this form, human princess Annika can dance and run in marathons. She is the youngest daughter of the Fortune king and lives in the Miracle Castle.
Annika in Mermaid form: In her mermaid form, Annika can swim up to 6 miles per hour and swim with her best friend: a turtle named Shelia.
Her 2nd assistant, Janessa
Her 1st assistant, Clarissa
The Young sea enchantress Aquaria: a good friend of Queen Aquamarine, and has the special power to create unique Mermaid Pearls by fusing ordinary pearls with different fish DNA.

My goodness! Annika! Pearl! Water lily! Marina! Lily! Alyssa! Lina!” Aquaria yells with joy. You bought over some new friends! “We are looking for a way to save our boyfriends and the queen.” “So, to save your boyfriends and the queen, You need to get to the Mirror of the Depths, where it is located is in the deepest spot of Crystal Waters: The Shadow Black Depths. Then ask the parrotfish where your boyfriends and the queen are. Not only that, some of you need to give up your legs and exchange them for a tail.” she says. “Give up my Legs? I love them!” says Peach. “Also, we’ll give you this Aquamarine charm to swim faster, Olivia,Chloe, And the others.” says Clarissa. “Coraline,Miku, Peach, Daisy, Luka, Rosalina, Lauren, Lucina, and Kairi. I will give each of you a pearl that gives you the power to turn you into mermaids, and you can get your legs back by letting your necklace touch the earth.” So Aquaria gives the girls a pearl in a special necklace. “As for you, Katie Forester, I’ll put your pearl in your Yo-Kai Watch.”

Mermaid’s Pearl: This rare gem allows only girl heroes to become mermaids with the power of this unique gem.

Good luck, and use this shell phone to call me.” she says.Then it’s off to the scariest underwater place we can ever go-The Shadow Black Depths!

Me and my friends will stay here,because my mom doesn’t want us to drown.”I say. So our friends go down there. Then some serious trouble happens. “AHHH!” Dedede and Alphys yell. Our friends are trapped in the seaweed cages! “Girls,please help!” Escargoon says. Toadal Dude and Arachnus use their attacks to bust out of their cages, but they are ineffective. Lena, Baby Phione, Marigold, Chrissy, Lori, Kake, and Blanche are trapped in the seaweed cages as well.

“Girls, remember what Aquaria said. Use the pearls to Transform!” Says Hovernyan. “Mermaid Pearls, Give us your power to help our friends!” the girls yell and in an instant they are sealed inside magic bubbles and in a flash of light, the girls are transformed into mermaids themselves.

Teal pearl power!
Lavender Pearl Power!
Rainbow Pearl power!
Gold pearl power!
Pink pearl power!
Blue pearl power!
Navy Blue pearl power!
Angler Pearl Power!
Light Red Pearl Power!

Seriously,WHAT are we?!?!” Peach says. “Who has ever heard of a music fish and a Flower fish and even a Star fish?”Wakasagihime says. But that doesn’t matter. Our friends still need help. So the girls swim down to help their friends. So the girls save our friends and they swim down to the bottom to find The Mirror of The Depths , dodging seaweed and poisonous sea snakes.

2000 seconds later, Toadal Dude and Arachnus grab their special talismans and head toward the bottom with the others. “Do you see what I see? The Mirror of the Depths!” Gothorita and Peso yell with excitement.

The Mirror of the Depths is just below us and we see a multi color parrotfish that guards the Mirror and says, “I know why you are here.” It says. “You want to save your boyfriends? Then I can show you where they are.” It says. Then the Mirror of the Depths reveals the place where their boyfriends and the queen are being held hostage! “Those our are boyfriends and the queen!” Then the parrotfish gives us a special compass to help find our way. “Good luck.” it says, and we leave.

When we get out of the Shadow Black Depths, I am shocked as king Dedede when he reads the newspaper.“AAAAIIIIIEEEEEEE!!!!!” I yell. The girls are mermaids themselves, Daisy has a gold tail covered with flowers and shining white petals, Katie Forester has a tail that has Pink hearts and sakura pink scales, Lucina has a tail that is Navy blue with sleek platinum stripes, Peach has a tail that is pink with glittery hearts on the scales, Lauren has a tail that has rainbow sparkles and crystals, Coraline has a tail that is pink and black with little goldfish decals on it, Rosalina has a tail that is light teal with gold and sliver stars with sparkling gems, Luka has the same tail as Miku, but it’s pink fading to black, Miku has a tail that is teal fading into black covered in silver music notes, and Kairi has a tail that is light pink with shiny gold dots. Now they can breathe underwater, and have magnificent scales! “Looks like Lucina has become a SWORD-fish.” Sans jokes. We have to get to Mystic falls and save the cousins boyfriends, (And the queen). Along the way, we have to get 10 special Items to help us on our adventure. Our first Item we have to get is the Mystical Comb, hidden in the Moonlight caves.

Alyssa Azalea: The loving mom of Lauren. She used to be a scientist living in Hyrule, but moved to Video Game City after she married General Cometstreak, Lauren’s Dad.

“Hey, sweetie! Are you out on one of your adventures again?” says Lauren’s Mom through my phone. “Yeah. We’re trying to save the ocean.” I reply. “That’s amazing! Don’t forget, I have hot dogs cooking!” she says, and leaves.

The Mystical comb

Luckily, our friend Goldie and her pets, River Goldfish, can Climb up there and get the comb while her pets give her a big time boost.

Lady Royal Goldie, trusted advisor to princess Meribelle of the goldfish kingdom. She is an assistant to Golda and Meribelle, and helps them out with their homework a lot. Also, The Goldfish Kingdom is in the middle of a deep lake in the Peridot Rainforest.

But she uses her strength to get the comb, and never falls. But, when she gets the comb, the entire cave starts to collapse! But luckily, Goldie, Charmander, Anya, Seria, Lila, Kawazi, Claire, and Daisy escape before the cave breaks down completely.

Lila, the queen’s royal musician that plays a soothing lullaby on her prized harp.
Claire, head of the royal chef and Queen Aquamarine’s trusted servant. (Her sushi is delicious, I must tell you.)
Anya, daughter of the romance king and Ivy’s youngest cousin.

Our next Item on the list is a Metallic silver Pearl Oyster called the Oyster of Destiny. Our friend Princess Alexandra from the Sun Kingdom Flaren is a great pearl hunter.

Princess Alexandra of the Sun kingdom Flaren and daughter of King Solar. She may have a fiery temper, but don’t get fooled. She’s a kind, caring maiden on the inside. She has a pet Larvesta named Miss Temper.

There it is!” Says Alexandra when she saw it. I swim deep down to get it, but the water is too rough for us heroes. Dian, Carrie, Lina, and Sonya Support me with their Swim Speed power to get the shell.

Princess Lina AKA The Little Mermaid, is the youngest of 6 beautiful mermaid siblings and lives in the POP Wonderland kingdom. Has a sweet voice, her BFFs are Coralina the butterfly fish, Cinderella, Snow White, Thumbelina, Red Riding Hood, Alice, Shelly, Carol, Willa, Tiffany, Riley, and Alex. She has a pet dolphin named Flip.
Carrie Izula: A curious young mermaid who LOVES to draw and dreams of becoming a fantastic artist.
Dian: 2nd Owner of Diamonds of the sea, this jeweler in training is Flo’s assistant and she hopes to follow her master’s footsteps.
Sonya: This young mermaid loves to explore shipwrecks to find treasure for her friends.
The oyster of destiny

Uni Anderson turns into her Seraphic Charm form and heals my wound and uses her Angel Cradle move to settle down the clams from crying.

Uni’s Seraphic charm form

A few mins later we come upon a seaweed mass that is growing bigger every time we use our water powers on it. Uni becomes Lunatic Charm form and uses Nightmare Lorelei to destroy the seaweed in our path.

Uni’s Lunatic Charm form

The Path is clear!” Say Reisen and Papyrus when the seaweed dies down. Lady Elina and Lulu use their magic glow to light the way to find object number 3- The Crystal of Imagination.

Lady Elina, a graceful dancer and skilled dancing teacher who lives in an apartment above her studio.
The Crystal of Imagination

The Crystal is blue in color and it’s hidden in a secret area of a cave, so our friends Kaguya Hime (Not the Houraisan one) and Zoe use their magic moonlight to find the crystal for us while Mettaton takes his time using his missiles to blow up boulders in the way.

Zoe, owner of Zoe’s beauty salon in Starlight Mall. She is a hopeful girl who makes a living for her family by getting lots of people to come to her salon.
Kaguya Hime, AKA Princess Moonlight or Shining Princess: The daughter of queen Chang’e. Her beauty shines just like moonlight, like her name.

Then, there is a boulder heading our way as we grab the crystal, but Princess Meribelle and Clownpiece know what to do- Swim out of the cave and find a shortcut out. We do, and we DO make it out with our lives.

Princess Meribelle- Princess of the Goldfish kingdom and Daughter of Queen Koi. She has been raising a lot of goldfish just like her ancestors did long ago.

Object 4 is a very important item- a Happy Dream fish.

Dream fish

Princess Ivy, Diasu, Sweetie Isadora, and Wisteria know where they can be found- The Lunar moon current.

Wisteria the Air Spirit: This special spirit helps spread the gentle winds of hope and hates air pollution. She also dislikes it when she sees a hole in the ozone layer.
Queen Diasu, Mom to Princess Kaia, Ruler of The Crystal Kingdom, and guardian of all diamonds. She hopes that her kingdom will flourish with gems and good feelings.
Sweetie, a young owner who runs a candy store in Starlight Mall. Sweetie has been the Sugarplum fairy’s biggest fan and she has obtained many gifts from her. Little does she know that Sweetie herself is the Sugarplum Fairy’s niece!
Ivy, Princess of the First Love kingdom: She loves to spread love and happiness wherever she goes. Her favorite food is Chocolate ice cream, because it tastes like paradise and Valentines Day.

Ivy’s best friend- The Dragon Princess Mae, and her Chinese dragon friend manage to get the dream fish with the help of Tornado Kirby creating an underwater vortex and Lina, Baby Phione, Asgore, Undyne, and Dedede surf the vortex to obtain the dream fish.

Princess Mae- Daughter of the Dragon King. She is Shy yet Bold. B-Day: Winter Personality: May be a bit timid, but she’s super brave as well.
Tornado Kirby

With 2 mighty flings, Escargoon and Kaguya catch the Dream fish just before it gets away. The Dream fish is sent back to Queen Aquamarine’s palace, where it’s meant to be. “Look!” I say, seeing a tattoo on our arms. “That is what my family calls the Crest of Courage. Those brave enough to travel to the deepest part of Crystal Waters obtains the crest on their arm.” says Lina. Then Aquamarine says, “Object 5 on your list is a Gold Water Lily.” she says. Luella turns into her Princess Tutu form to distract the sea cucumbers blocking our path.

The Gold Water Lily

The Gold Water Lily is behind a secret waterfall with flying fish. But the cave has many tunnels that go in all directions, one is the correct path, and the other 2 lead the wrong way and send you back to the entrance, kinda like those RolePlayingGame dungeons.

Marigold, Byakuren, Cure Whip, and Emily use their knowledge to find the right way. We choose wisely, and we make it to the room were the Golden Water Lily is. There’s a code to crack, and I am the best at cracking codes. I manage to decode the message in 1 min and 40 seconds! Kaguya uses her gem branch to break the stone cage and reveal the Golden Water Lily. We manage to escape by warp star and grab the Golden Water Lily before a rip current takes us away. “Phew! That was close.” Thinks Temari as she goes back into her egg.

Temari (She’s so Beautiful!!!)

Our next object on the list is a very hard one to find, the Emerald staff.

The Emerald Staff

You see, the Emerald staff is hidden in a secret vault by Toxita’s minions, and we need to find a secret code to unlock the vault and get it. Taranza and Bot use their power to scratch away a wall that contained a code- 20-15-24-9-20-1-18-21-12-5-19! Which translates to, Toxita Rules! Shikieki Yamaxandu enters in the code and we obtain the Emerald Staff.

Princess Sarah Snow’s prom gown: Designed by Alison, this gown is studded with blue glitter and aquamarine bows, perfect for blue lovers!

Then, guards find out the hiding place of us. Shuzi and her friend Minwa use their power to fend off the guards while we get away. Then Shuzi and Minwa manage to escape with Princess Sarah Snow’s help without getting caught.

Minwa Nizuki: This young lady is a mage in training. she may need help controlling her blizzard powers, but she’s got it, all right!
Shuzi Ninjaburst: A girl ninja in training. She likes acrobatics and preforming tricks for her best friends. Her weapons are smoke bombs and skull throwing stars.
Trixie the Halloween Witch: She is a master at spreading candy to kids on October 31st. Her favorites are Candy apples, chocolate, and candy corn.

Trixie The Halloween Witch sends an E-mail on my phone: Hurry up! You must stop Toxita! “Don’t worry, Trixie.” I say.

The Ice Diamond

Item 6, The Ice Diamond, is in an ancient glacier that is protected by an angry ice dragon. Sonja turns into her Pretty Cure form to help keep monsters at bay, while the climb up the icy mountain is extremely hard and dangerous, we decide to take a shortcut straight up the mountain. Peach, Daisy, and the other girls have to change back to humans, since there is no water on the icy and cold mountain. Cirno, Cure Felice, Lauren, Letty, Daiyousei,Princess Lenessia, Kaguya, and Amy in her Amulet Spade form help us get to the top. Fire Kirby and Fire Mario work together to defeat the ice dragon, and we obtain the Ice Diamond before we escape a deadly avalanche. Soon we are back in the water and the girls change back to their mermaid forms and we eat our magic apple slices once more.

Princess Lenessia
The Golden Shell

Our next item, Item 7, is a Golden Shell of Happiness. It is hidden in one of the magic waterfalls in Mystic falls. We have to travel up them onto one of their ledges to find a hidden cave with a secret entrance to help us find what we are looking for. It is very close because Reimu, Marisa, Luigi and Mario have to reach into a cave and obtain it without falling into the Piranha pit. They do, and they were rescued by Mystia and Natalie in her Yamato Maihime form. We have 3 Items Left!

Wishing Pearl

Our 8th item is a Wishing pearl, that is found in the Sea God’s trench. Diddy Kong and DK know we have to go through the Barbed Kelp forest, Youmu, Blade Knight, Sword Knight, and Meta Knight use their swords to cut a path through the forest, and we find the Sea God’s Trench.

However, Mamizou, Toyosatomimi No Miko, Tojiko, Yoshika, Futo, and Segia know these clams can eat a human whole. Suwako borrows a feather from Altaria’s wing and tickles the clam so hard that it sneezes! Yukari sends the Pearl to Aquamarine’s Palace where the queen’s servant catches it. Lady Flo, Eirin, Kaguya, Kyouko, Marisa, Reimu, and Alice lead the way, with Reimu’s tags forming a path we can follow out of the dark forest. We have 2 Items left!

Flo, owner of Jellyfish Jewels and a great jeweler. She can make the most wonderful jewelry you can ever see out of pearls, diamonds, and even aquamarines and coral.

Item 9 is another very hard one to find- the Thunderstorm Katana.

The Thunderstorm Katana

The Thunderstorm Katana is in an area with very high rain and very dangerous winds.

Madame Kitsuna: This fox lady is very docile and pure, so don’t you dare touch her stuff when you’re dirty, or she’ll burn you to a crisp.

Keine and Fujiwara No Mokou use their Thunder-Fire power to clear a path through the storm with Fluff, Madame Kitsuna, and Wakasagihime leading the way. Raiko uses her thunder drums to scare the Shadowling Crows away and we can find a path more easier. The Tuskumo sisters do exactly the same thing. Kaguya uses her Dragon orb to summon a whirlpool so we can get into the biggest hurricane to find the Thunderstorm Katana. Unfortunately, there is a HUGE gap between us, and Tiff has to summon the Warp Star to get us across the gap.

Clara turns into her Clown Drop form and makes a Bowling pin bridge in a pattern with Milly and Cure Macaroon’s help to fix it before it breaks, to help us retrieve the sword before a huge sea monster eats us. We have 1 item left on our list!

Our last item on our list is EXTREMELY Important- Toxita’s Crystal Bracelet.

We know Toxita appears at her daily meeting in the castles grand hall, so Sagume, Rika, Flow, Chloe, Lucia, Hanon, Rina, The other Mermaid Princesses, Nue, Shou, Mruasa, Ichirin, Unzan, Kogasa, Nazrin, Byakuren, Mettaton,and Tensei blast out rock music to the highest level so Toxita will go deaf. When Toxita plugs up her ears, Piplup and I sneak behind her…..And snatch her bracelet! Then, Toxita gets so angry that she puts Me, Piplup, and the Mermaid Cousins in a huge whirlpool so we can’t get out. Luckily, there is a watery terrain and me and Piplup are surrounded by it. my newest Chara hatches out of her shell and pearl patterned egg- Shelly the Mermaid Chara!


I manage to turn into a new Character Change- Mystic Mermaid!

Mystic Mermaid: My 4th Shugo Chara Character Change. In this form, I get the power to swim through murky water and rip currents, and get to harness the powers of the sea.

I use my Anemone trap to backfire Toxita into the whirlpool, where the cops find her and take her to Video Game City Jail. The Mermaid Queen and the cousins boyfriends and Lina’s foster brother are happy to see us that we had saved the day, but it’s time for us to go home. Then, the queen gives us magic necklaces so we can visit her anytime! Then, Queen Aquamarine puts her mother-of-pearl cloak around us, and in an instant, we are back at the beach, It’s still daylight, as if no time has passed at all.

Mettaton is ready to relax on the white sand, but Sumireko Usami and Shana decide we can go surfing with our new friends and have some fun! Then, our mermaid friends pop out of the ocean, and are ready to go surfing. Pretty soon, we are in the water, doing tricks with our friends. I give a tiny wink at Shelly, and she winks back too. It has been an awesome day, but it’s time for us to sit on the rocks and enjoy the sun. What can go wrong?

The End?




Arachnus: This is bad. I swear to Paluentina that Mr. Triton will kick our butts.

Cure Moonlight: Calm down, Arachnus. Just let your mood calm down for now.

Lucina: What the heck are you guys waiting for? Lets go find some Treasure!

Pit: Come on guys! Ariel is waiting!

Lauren: Just coming!!!

To be continued…

Team Smash’s Adventures of The Little Mermaid releases in June, so stay tuned, bloggers!

Question: If you were to be a mermaid and go hunt for treasure with a buddy, which character would it be? Would it be Peach, Miku, Luka, Kairi, Daisy, Lucina, Katie, Lauren, Coraline (Ultimate Angler), or Rosalina? Leave your answer in the responses below!

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