Team Smash’s adventures of The Princess and The Frog

Toadal Dude’s journal entry:

One sunny Saturday morning, me and my best buddy, Arachnus, are asked to come to our School, Video Game City Academy.

Mrs. Kappa: hailing from the Yo-kai world, this Kappa mom and her boy own a sushi bar called Cucumber haven with their most favorite food in the world: Cucumber rolls!

Mrs. Kappa, my cooking teacher, asks me and my best buddies to get a special recipe for the annual school cook-off.

“To the time portal!” yells my good friend Lauren. Lauren Smash Azalea is a great friend of mine, having fallen into our world one fateful day after a trip to Japan, where she got the Rainbow Smash ball. We then go through the time portal, fall through the sky, and land in a house in New Orleans, somewhere about 15 years ago. “I think we landed badly.” I say as I fall flat on my face.

Wriggle Nightbug’s journal Entry:

When me and the others land in the house, I know who these girls are. Yes, yes, yes. I’ve seen the movie before, so Tiana and Charlotte are reading the same book, but we have to get evidence from them and show it to Mrs.Kappa. So me and my friends follow them back to Tiana’s house and hide in the bushes.

“I got this.” says my friend, Yukari, as she unpacks her GO-pro camera and makes a dimensional rift, which takes a picture perfect screenshot of the recipe and uploads it to her laptop.

Lily White borrows Yukari’s laptop for a bit to make the picture less blurry and also, copy the recipe onto her notepad. She also uses her stealth power to take a perfect picture of what is going on.

Mystia Lorelei uses her voice to mimic the tweeting of a bird, which gives us a perfect moment of seeing Tiana wish on the Evening Star, which is actually real!

“Time to go, guys! We have to go forward in time now!” says Tewi Inaba, heading toward the time portal. We do the same a little later.

Kaguya Houraisan’s journal entry: By the time our meeting is over, we run towards the time portal, taking us back to the time when Tiana was working at Duke’s.

Eirin Yagokoro is at the docks, waiting for Prince Naveen’s big arrival, while she rushes to hide behind a tree, barely being seen due to the fact she has invisible mode on her star bracelet, using her camera to snap good pictures.

With help from my good friend Yuyuko Saigyouji, I manage to help Tiana make enough money for the sugar mill! We then warp to where Sumireko is standing, using her stealth to be sneaky to leave a trail of chocolate chips to where she has left off. “Wait for us!” says Yuyuko, racing towards her, using her teleportation to head toward Faciler’s lair, where our friends are waiting for us.

Tokiko is flying through the sky, using her bird senses to pick up any clues. She then spots me and Yuyuko coming out of a Starbucks with some mocha and a blueberry bagel. “Girls, you know it’s not time to eat!” she says.

“Hey girls!” says my good friend Sukia Ibuki, drinking a bottle of root beer, but I spoil it by saying, “This is no time to be drinking soda! We have to catch up with the others! And Fast!”

Maribel Han and Renko Uasmi’s journal entries:

By the time we sneak up on Naveen, we take out our cameras and snap a photo of the newspaper inside Dame Dedtime’s robe pocket. You think it can be dangerous to approach a villain? But luckily for us, we cover ourselves with our special invisible cloak, which Sumireko has given to us for Christmas.

“Hey, Meta knight and Kirby, long time no see!” we say in unison, eyeing the 2 puffballs heading towards us. “Be sure to use your invisible cloak so we don’t get caught. Got it?” says Meta Knight, giving us a warning.

Ran Yukamo appears behind us and says, “I put up security cameras around this area.” then we throw the invisible cloak over ourselves to keep us from being spotted.

Youmu Konpaku peeks into the lair and sees Roy hung up in chains, but manages to get himself free, by teleporting. So when a bright green light fills up the room, Youmu shields her eyes to make sure she doesn’t look.

“I made it out of there. My nervous system picked up Dr. Maddiman’s potion and I warped out of there, swift as light.” says Roy as he explains to us.

Chen Yakumo runs towards us and says, “You guys, the party is TONIGHT! Didn’t y’all forget?” says Chen. “THE PARTY?!?! OH NO!!!!” we yell at the same time.

Arachnus’s journal entry:

Tonight can’t be worse. I have to wear my sports uniform from home, and I never want to get it dirty for the big event! Luckily, the stains on it wash out easily.

“Don’t you worry, Arachnus. You’ll do fine.” says my good friend Keine Kamishiwara as she becomes her HakuTaku form due to the full moon tonight, then goes into the party with her best friend, Fujiwara No Mokou.

Fujiwara no Mokou flies straight into me and Toadal Dude, holding a fruit punch glass with a cherry colored sugar rim. “Man, this is good!” she says with her mouth full of the sweet drink.

“Hey, Arachnus and Toadal Dude, how’s the party going? I’m dressed up as a surfer from Hawaii!” says Walkappa, as he goes into the party, eating his sushi which he ordered the conveyor belt way.

Rumia can’t just control her dance moves, so she just does random moves and shakes a hand or 2 with us.

“Someone looks like they aren’t having fun, eh?” says Peso (Dressed as Empoleon), eating some smoked salmon and shrimp rice balls. After all, penguins eat fish!

“Come on, Barnacles, we gotta plan an escape route! After all, we HAD to disguise ourselves to be sneaky!” says Letty Whiterock, complaining to Captain Barnacles (Dressed up as a Military Captain) about what they had planned earlier.

“Kawazi, It’s the Fenner Brothers. We have to use our ninja stealth to try and sneak up on them!” says Alice Matrigoid, as she and Kawazi (Dressed up as Jack Sparrow) hide under a table, while Alice sneaks a cupcake for a little treat.

Lyrica Prismriver spots the brothers walking away, so she catches up with them and plays a off key piano tune to try and make them distracted… but it ends up with tomatoes being thrown at her. So she dodges them.

Lunasa Prismriver tries to use her violin as a bow and arrow… but she accidentally doesn’t look where she is going and nearly slips into the fountain.

Merlin Prismriver tries blasting out loud music to the max, but this time, she stumbles into a table, catching a cookie in her mouth! “Yummy!” she thinks. Her other siblings come over to her and she helps them get clean.

Reisen Undongein Inaba gets us upstairs in order to change our clothes so we can escape, while she lets me and Toadal Dude change Sailor Moon Style by going behind the curtain and transforming.

After that, me and Toadal Dude go out onto the balcony and say to Mettaton, “You know what? I guess we should escape, but we have to protect the recipe before the villains find it.” I say.

“Good! I’ll put this in a secret vault inside my backpack so that way, they won’t even know it’s there!” says Mettaton. “Lily White, Notepad, please.” he says as he rips the page out gently.

Ishimaru Sachiyo comes up just in time to see the kiss… and is shocked when she sees that Tiana is a frog now. Literally.

“WHAT. THE. HECK?” Undyne says in shock as she looks at Lauren holding the frogs, then she jumps out the window, nearly breaking her leg.

“WOOOOAHHHHH!!!!” says my friend Reimu Hakurei, swooping down onto the dance floor, as if she is a bat, flying down from the open air.

Peso’s journal Entry:

Normally, penguins can’t fly because they have heavy wings. But I can! I jump onto Fujiwara No Mokou’s back and we soar off into the sky.

Marisa Kirsame flies on her broom, with it’s newly improved Nimbus 2000 boost, but crashes into the time portal, nearly falling into the water!

Daiyousei flies into the time portal, leaving a sparkly trail of fairy dust behind, making a great path for the villains to follow us!

“So far, so good!” says Cirno, leaving icicle spikes when she steps onto the water, gliding faster with every step. “Hey look!” says Wriggle, pointing to her friend Ray.

Meanwhile, Chara is using her evil powers to summon the Wicked Yokai to hunt down us. “Be sure to search everywhere!” she says. “And put traps and toxic waste!” adds Dame Dedtime.

Koakuma flies swiftly towards the prickle bushes, crashing into them and giving her some serious injuries! “OUUUUUUCCCHHHH!!!!!” she yells in pain, with her hair nearly being caught in the thorns.

“Don’t worry, Koakuma! I’ll get you out!” says Hong Meiling, rushing to help her friend. “Ow. This hurts. I need bandages. Please.” she adds after she stumbles into the prickles, nearly causing a shallow cut in her leg.

Patchouli Knowledge rushes to the rescue, using healing magic to cure the wounds and get the girls out of there, but before she can celebrate the sweet victory, frog hunters capture Suwako and the others!

Sakuya Izayoi’s journal entry:

When we escape the Frog hunters, I jump into action, using my daggers to fight off the Wicked Executives, and the shadows Dr. Falicer summoned.

“Sakuya! I got this. You run, while I try to take the shadows down.” says Remilia Scarlet, using her power to drain the shadows of their darkness.

“Woo-hoo! Mama Odie is here!” says Flandre Scarlet as she flies down, only to nearly crash into the window, into her house. “It’s go time!” she then says as the others come up.

Bowser comes into the house, looking for Mario and Luigi. Later he says, “Guys, what does blind to what you need mean?” he says.

“I don’t know, but I know some of my friends who CAN help us.” says my friend Spongebob as he lets in Patrick, Mr.Krabs, Squidward, Patrick, Plankton, and Sandy Cheeks.

Sandy Cheek’s journal entry:

“Come on guys! We have to board the riverboat to the Mardi Gras parade before it’s too late!” I say, and then we’re heading for the ferryboat to downtown New Orleans.

“Boy! There’s that sugar mill Squidward has been talking about all this time!” says Mr. Krabs, who is now Sir Pinch a Lot, as he races towards the parade with his rocket boosters.

Sanae rushes down to avoid the shadows and of course, crash the big parade. “I must say, I can’t find the right float!” she says in confusion.

“Pandanoko, use your sunglasses to spot the right float where Naveen is inside the chest!” says Clownpiece as she uses her spellcards to open a portal that takes them to the right float. “Come on, Clownpiece! We gotta find that chest!” says Patrick, now Mr. Superawesomness.

“GIVE NAVEEN BACK, OR I’LL PURIFY YOU BOTH!” yells Junko, unleashing her fury on the impostor groom, saving Charlotte’s life in the process. Squidward, now Sour Note, shoots out music through his clarinet. “It’s your turn now, Kanako!” she says.

Kanako Yasaka summons a giant snake to try and eat the shadows, but accidentally stumbles into the illusion. “IS THIS… TIANA’S DREAM PLACE?!?!?!” she says. “I must be sure this is.” I say.

Koishi and Satori Komeji escape the illusion, with the rest of us trailing behind them. “THE TIME PORTAL IS GONNA CLOSE! HURRY!!!! FASTER!!!” yells Koishi frantically, with her arms in the air.

Komasan’s journal Entry:

Me and all my friends rush towards the time portal, back to our original time. “We’re back!” says Nate.

“OH MY SWIRLS! TIANA IS ONE OF THE JUDGES?” I yell when I see her. “Don’t get too excited big bro. We just arrived.” says my little bro, Komajiro.

“TELL, TELL!” says another one of Nate’s friends, Tattletell. She is always excited about cooking events and other contests.

Blazion inspirits us for the big cooking contest and we get to the kitchen in time for Mrs.Kappa to see the recipe. “Great work, my fellow chefs!” she says.

“What are you waiting for? Let’s get this cooking contest started!” says Kyubi as he teleports in, dressed in a chef’s outfit. And so this afternoon, we have a spectacular cooking contest.

The end

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