The Best Field Trip Ever: Catching a Sea Monster: Summer Solstice Special!!!

One ordinary spring morning, I am just waking up to the rising sun. “Ah, Sunshine.” I say, letting the breeze in. We have just finished our Winter to Spring event, where we helped the fairies change winter to spring. We like being greeted by butterflies and cherry blossoms than snowflakes and blizzards.

Madame Riley Ruby: The eldest and strongest of the jewel princesses. Her enchanted Ruby bracelet allows her to gain the power of fire and lava.

“Hello, Madame Riley Ruby! Aren’t you excited? We’re going to The Ocean to Catch a sea monster!” I say, gazing at her lovely red color. “Secretary Tabuu is taking us there to plan the surprise.” she says.

Miss Amelie Amethyst: the 2nd of the jewel princesses. Her mysterious Amethyst ring allows her to gain the powers of air and tornadoes.

“Come on guys, you’re gonna miss the bus to Hawaii! After all, the bus leaves at 7 o’clock!” says Miss Amelie Amethyst, packing her things in her schoolbag and rushing out the door.

Lady Serena Sapphire: the 3rd of the jewel princesses. Her shiny sapphire brooch allows her to gain the powers of water and the sea.

Lady Serena Sapphire meets us at the school bus stop, and says, “Hey, Lauren, I’m excited about the surprise we’re planning for The Aquarium.” she says.

Duchess Olive Onyx: the 4th of the Jewel princesses. Her mystical onyx hair clip allows her to harness the powers of the Earth and rocks.

Duchess Olive Onyx gets onto the bus and greets me, sitting next to her 5 sisters, and their pet quetzal, Gemma. “This is the day I have been waiting for so long!” she says.

Lady Emma Emerald: the 5th of the Jewel princesses. Her sparkly Emerald earrings allow her to harness the powers of Plants and wildlife.

“Yeah. We’ve always wanted to got to Hawaii since we were little! Mama told us about it when WE were kids!’ says Lady Emma Emerald.

Princess Diana Diamond: the 6th and youngest of the jewel princesses. Her magical diamond necklace allows her to harness the powers of ice and blizzards.

“Me? I’m totally hyped! I just can’t wait to go there! I wonder if one of the Kids who know our secret is there with their family on vacation!” says Princess Diana Diamond.

“Alright my students, this is the time we have been waiting for. I Tabuu, your guide to everything, will take you all on a very special trip to Hawaii. If we do a great job, we will get the rest of the day off at PizzaRev!” says Tabuu. Everyone is filled with excitement and cheer. “Any questions?” he then replies.

Gaia Goodness and Ellie Evilness: these 2 sisters may be different, but they share everything. Gaia Goodness likes calming music, while Ellie Evilness likes punk rock.

“Yeah. Me and Ellie have something to ask. Can we use Salads as Bait?” says Gaia Goodness. “Yes.” says Tabuu. “Is it OK to use Fishing Lures?” says Ellie Evilness. “Of course!” Tabuu adds. “Now let’s go!” he says, and soon we’re on the road to Hawaii.

Queen Leviana: The 55th Queen of The Leviathan Kingdom. She was just an ordinary, drab girl until she found out that she had royal blood. Now she rules in the Sea Jewel Castle.

My friend Queen Leviana calls on the phone and says, “I’ve packed some snacks for you in case you get hungry.” she says before hanging up.

“Oh my Bolts! I just cannot wait to use my Koma Kannon to set trapped ocean creatures free when we get to Hawaii! I’m so excited my sparks are flying!” says Robokoma as he gets onto the bus. “That outfit’s Amazing.” says Frisk as she gets onto the bus as well.

Melanie Mermaid and Annie Angel: These 2 BFFs have been bought together by fate and they always hang out with each other. The reason? They were born on the same day, only in different places.

Melanie Mermaid and Annie Angel get onto the bus as well with their packed lunches. “This is so exciting! I’ve never seen a sea monster in real life before!” says Melanie as she coats her tail with magic water so that way, she doesn’t dry up.

Rosalina and Daisy try to help a stuck Peach, and she comes out, flying onto the bus! Youmu giggles with surprise, hoping that the 3 princesses will come onto the bus.

Hovernyan glides like a swellow onto the bus and says, “Good news. Dame Dedtime is in prison for good. There’s no way she’ll escape now.” he says with pride at the fact that Dame Dedtime is grounded.

Rosa Skyline: This young maiden was born from a rare blue rose and arrived at Video Game City when a terrible hurricane made her evacuate. Now she runs a beautiful flower store with every flower in the kingdom.

Rosa Skyline hops onto the bus with her swimming gear. “I just cannot wait to see a school of those convict tangs! They’re so graceful!” she yells as she puts on her necklace.

Aqua The Little Mermaid: This young mermaid longs to join the human race, but she can’t access the human disguise ability until she’s 18 years old.

Aqua hops into her portable water tank and explains she’s been to Hawaii ever since she was a small fry. “Whoa. Cool!” I say.

Irene Ivyvine: The youngest sister of the Earth Gardeners. She and her sisters take care of the gardens and even better: Allow pollinating bugs to take care of the flowers too!

Irene hops onto the bus holding a bagged lunch, telling us her relatives are actually water spirits from Hawaii. No wonder her spirit animal is a Parrot!

Mermaid Iku: Iku recently discovered a mysterious pearl that turned her into a Mermaid,which means she can swim and use water magic.

“Guys! Wakasagihime turned me into a mermaid using her magic!” says Iku, gazing at her tail that Wakasagihime just created by fusing Iku’s legs by using her magic.

“Hi, Hanon! I bet you’re excited because we’re gonna land a legendary monster!” I say as the Aqua Mermaid Princess Hanon gets into her portable water tank.

Kirby gets out his bait and hook as he gets onto the bus a few moments later. “I hope we can catch a Leviathan, those things are cool.” says Dedede.

Mew Ichigo then rushes to the beach as soon as we get to Hawaii. “I can’t believe we’re here!” she yells with excitement.

Ruby Ikunami: The eldest of the Ikunami sisters, having the ability to create underwater fire.

Ruby Ikunami greets us at Hawaii when our bus comes to a halt, making us get out. Her little sisters take us on a tour, then we get to our boat.

Ally Ikunami: the 2nd daughter of the Ikunami sisters. She has the power to create Underwater Meteors that can smash through anything.

Ally Ikunami guides us to the boat, explaining all the baits and types of fish we can catch here. “If you’re lucky, you can land a legendary Leviathan!

Mika Ikunami: The 3rd sister of the Ikunami sisters. She has the power to make Underwater Vines that can plow through anything.

“Hey, I caught a convict tang! This will be perfect for the aquarium!” says Mika Ikunami as she puts the fish into the tank.

Lulu Ikunami: The 4th sister of the Ikunami sisters. She has the power to create underwater bubbles that give underwater breath.

Lulu Ikunami catches a Lion-fish, nearly stinging her and that way, she tosses it into her bucket to take to the aquarium!

Ivy Ikunami: The 5th daughter of the Ikunami Sisters. She has the power to create Ice shards that can freeze anything.

Ivy Ikunami catches a Barred Knife-Jaw, putting it into the tank and letting it swim around.

Bella Ikunami: The 6th daughter of the Ikunami sisters. She has a poison that can toxic enemies and is harmless to allies.

Bella Ikunami feels a tug on her line, only to find out it’s a baby whale shark! “So cute!” she says.

Sakura Ikunami: The youngest of the Ikunami sisters. She has a special ring on her hand that allows her to fix cuts and broken bones.

Sakura Ikunami catches a beautiful pink clownfish and puts it in her tank. “Seeing that pink color is so satisfying.” she says.

Xiana Moonshard: The wisest witch in the entire Moon Kingdom. She has unlimited knowledge and she knows everything about Video Game City.

Xiana Moonshard of Lunashurin calls me and says, “A Leviathan is a very elusive creature. Keep your eyes peeled!”

Mew Pudding gives me a High five, and she summons her special pet monkey to help with the fishing. “Let’s go go go!” she yells as she puts him on her shoulder.

Honoka hurries up to the deck of the boat and says, “Guys! I think I see something HUGE in the water!” she yells as she reels it in with help.

Sunset Shimmer holds up the fish with both hands and says, “Nah. That’s an oarfish. The thing WE are trying to catch is a Leviathan.” she adds as Wallace puts it into a HUGE tank.

Kaguya Hime: The Daughter of the Moon Queen, Chang’e. She asks almost any man to marry her if they find the following: Buda’s bowl of money, a Hourai Branch, a fireproof jacket made from adult Fire Rats, the 5 shiny gems from the Dragon’s neck, and a Cowrie found in Swellow nests. However, Kaguya keeps all 5 of them in her bedroom.

Kaguya Hime looks out from the boat and spots a school of fish. “I just hope they have a little bus.” she thinks in her mind.

Mew Lettuce dives into the water and pull out a lobster, which she tosses to me and goes back to the boat. “Careful. Those claws are sharp.” She warns me.

Cure Scarlet feels something on her line. “I got something! I think it’s a Leviathan!” she says as she reels it in. “Actually, it’s a Clownfish.” she replies after she catches it.

Cyan and Pinku: These 2 friends are in different families, but live next to each other. They have Healing and Water powers to heal sick sea animals!

Cyan and Pinku get into a feeding frenzy and catch the following: 17 Convict Tangs, 9 Moorish Idols, and 6 Butterfly Fish. “What a catch!” they both say in unison.

Foxia: The Shrine Maiden that’s actually a mythical Kitsune. Girl by day, Fox by night, she’s always stunning and stylish.

Foxia then feels a shark under our boat. “A shark!” she says. Luckily, it didin’t attack at all whatsoever.

Mew Mint finds a little octopus and puts it in a tank. “It’s suckers can stick to me!” she says with the octopus attached to her hand while in the tank.

Wii Fit Trainer and Samus find a snake like creature moving in the water and see it pulling their line. “We need help!” After breaking the distance barrier, they actually discover it’s the Leviathan! “Wow, what a great catch!” says Rosalina as she puts it into it’s water tank.

Then Mew Zakuro and Dedede notice white spots on it’s fins. “I guess we just caught a girl!” he says. Here’s a fact: Did you know that female Leviathans use the white spots on their fins to attract mates from far away?

When we get back to the Aquarium, we put our catches in their specific tanks, and they’re happy as light. “That was an awesome catch!” says Aqua, a worker at the Aquarium as she takes a picture of the new Leviathan. “Mind for a tour?” she says and we’re off on our Aquarium tour, seeing all the colorful fish.

The End



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