AR/VR Creator tools, smartglasses, AR toys and HoloLens mind mapping demoed at October’s ARBA

A recap of the AR and VR demos featured at the October 25 Augmented Reality Bay Area (ARBA) meetup

The October ARBA meetup featured six demos showcasing augmented reality and virtual reality solutions from creator tools to smartglasses. Here they are:

1.AR Creation tool: BlippBuilder

Brent Long, Senior Engineer & Timur Meyster, Engineer at Blippar demonstrated Blippar’s 3D AR creation tool BlippBuilder. The tools lets users upload images of adverts, magazines, packaging, educational materials or any other item to create Augmented Reality experience in minutes with no coding experience required.

2. 360 photo & video creator:

Rob Manson, CEO & Co-founder of demonstrated its 360 photos & videos creator which allows creators to share 360 content with billions of people through a single link — no app store downloads or installs.

3. AR Toys: SwapBots

John Keefe, Co-founder & Director of Draw and Code demonstrated its Augmented Reality toys, SwapBots — collectable & customizable toys that are brought to life by a smartphone or tablet using augmented reality.

4. AR gaming app: Pantomime Corp

David Levitt, CEO of Pantomime Corporation demonstrated its Pantomime Creatures AR app that immerses mobile devices and computers in shared worlds for physically realistic creature interactions.

5. HoloLens mind mapping: Loci

Randy Stiles, CEO of In Formation demonstrated Loci, a mixed reality mind mapping application that uses the method of loci and 3D interaction to support you on your personal analysis tasks.

6. Smartglasses: Atheer AiR

Samir Ghosh, VP Marketing at Atheer demoed the Atheer AiR Glasses, the most interactive and enterprise-ready smart glasses available today.

A huge thanks to Runway for hosting and to Samsung Accelerator, the main sponsor for this month’s event, along with all of the attendees, volunteers and presenters who made ARBA this month a success.

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