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Superalgos Beta 8

Building Crypto Trading Bots Becomes Easier with Superalgos Improved Feedback Loops

Superalgos Beta 8 brings in-app documentation and optimized trading bot feedback, dramatically improving the experience of building, testing, and debugging crypto trading strategies.

In-App Documentation

System-Wide Interactions

Searchable Workspace

Also, if you click on a node under the Workspace tab, you can have the design space automatically reposition on the selected node.

Search for a node type, and navigate!

Deeper Technical Information

  • Examples of the node’s configuration in the current workspace.
  • A list of each of the items in the node’s menu along with their properties.
  • A list of potential children nodes and their properties.
  • A list of the types of nodes the node may be attached to.
  • A list of the types of nodes the node may reference.
Deep technical information enables secondary navigation of the Docs.

The information on these lists is extracted from the system’s schema files, thus are always up to date with the current version of the system. Also, the lists provide an additional navigation layer, as each item in the list features a tool-tip that may take you to the definition page of the target node.

Trading Bot Errors, Warnings, and Info

In Beta 8, when an error occurs during a trading session, the same error bullet you are used to is plotted on the charts, and the same red ring signals the node most related to the error.

When you point your mouse to the node or the error bullet, magic happens! The documentation tab opens up offering a human-written description of the error, plus contextual technical information that should help you identify and fix the causes of the error.

Warnings provide all the info you need to understand what’s going on at each step of the trading session.

The same happens with warnings and info, which also include reading material to improve your understanding of why the warnings were generated.


Because the project understands that collaboration is the key to success, a new contribution feature was built into Beta 8!

Built-in Editor

Help us improve the Docs!

To edit a page, right-click on the paragraph you wish to update, select the pencil on the menu, and start editing! Use the escape key to exit edit mode, and that’s it! Make sure you explore the right-click menu for other features!

If you see a typo, a grammar error, or a paragraph that may be improved for clarity, please, do take the time to fix it and submit your contribution. It takes seconds or minutes, and does make a difference!


The footer of the Docs tab allows you to switch to a different language. Once you switch, the system automatically detects if the content you are browsing is available for the selected language. If it is, then it shows you the content in the selected language; if it isn’t, it shows you the content in English! You may then edit any English paragraph and translate it into the selected language. It’s that easy!

Help translate Superalgos!

If you wish to translate to a language not currently listed, just let us know and we’ll add it for you!

Command Line

And here’s the magic of the new contributions feature: the app.contribute command takes care of all the Git witchcraft required to send your contributions in a Pull Request to the Superalgos repository in!

It doesn’t get easier than that! If Superalgos is of use to you, be a good citizen of the open-source world, and give back a minute or two of your time every day!

Also in the command-line arsenal is the app.update command! You guessed right! By running this ten-characters long command you may update your version of Superalgos to the latest version in the current branch!

Current Branch

New Contribute to Superalgos Tutorial

A Quick Advance on Upcoming Incentives

The earlier in the life of the project you start contributing, the juicier your incentives will be, as the impact of contributions in a Community-driven project is clearly a function of time.

This is an open invitation for you to become a vested member of the community!

I wont say much about the nature of the incentives, but do the math… this is a crypto project with a grandiose vision, I’m sure you’ve noticed!

New Installation Requirements

Please follow the instructions on the README file, and welcome to Beta 8!

As usual, make sure you backup your work before proceeding!