Crypto-Trading Farms: Flexible and Scalable Trading Operations

Superalgos enables distributing processes on multiple machines and implements webhooks for third-party systems integration.

Julian Molina
Superalgos | Algorithmic Trading
3 min readMay 3, 2020


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This release represents another major milestone, flipping the switch to turn Superalgos into a distributed system running over a network of nodes, with central management.

In short, data mining and trading tasks may be distributed over multiple machines, and the whole trading operation may be managed from any node in the network.

The deployment of a network of nodes is extremely easy and with minimal configuration requirements, as the system dynamically discovers the state of the network and the distribution of tasks, ensuring that all dependencies are preserved every time there is a change at the network level.

The new functionality spawns two unprecedented opportunities at both ends of the budget spectrum:

  • Users on a budget may recycle pieces of cheap and even outdated hardware and overcome the limitations their tight budget may impose. Moreover, collaboration among friends and family may rise to new highs as a single data-mining operation may now support unlimited trading operations feeding on it, simply by adding more cheap hardware to the network. Any 5-year-old laptop may smoothly run 5 to 10 trading sessions!
  • Users ready to invest in a serious trading operation may now think big and deploy elaborate architectures to trade in multiple markets and multiple exchanges with multiple strategies, leveraging a flexible and integrated solution that is ready to scale.

Learn more on the Trading Farm pages in the documentation.

Distributing tasks over a network of nodes

Webhooks Integrations

Superalgos Beta 4 supports incoming webhooks, enabling integration with systems like TradingView and any other system implementing webhooks to send HTTP messages.

The implementation of webhooks allows, for instance, receiving signals originating as TradingView alerts, which may then be used by your trading system within Superalgos as a data product, pretty much like any other native indicator.

Learn more on the Webhooks page in the documentation.

New Trade Management Feature

The trade management on Stage 3 of the Superalgos Trading Protocol used to be constrained to managing take profit and stop loss phases in a strict sequential order.

The introduction of the Move-to-Phase event generalizes the management of phases so that you may decide to which phase you wish to move upon any given market situation.

This feature opens up a whole world of possibilities in the management of trades!

Learn more on the Strategies page in the documentation.

Performance Boost

A significant infrastructure upgrade enabled up to a 15X increase in performance in backtesting sessions. The experience of designing and testing strategies is now greatly improved as running tests in-between changes at the strategy’s logic is now a breeze.


When you upgrade to the new version you will either need to:

Remember to follow the recommendations on the How to Upgrade Your Existing Installation guide.

Time to Give Back!

If you find Superalgos useful in any sense, your help spreading the word about the project is appreciated. It is within your personal interest to have more people testing the system and helping shape the product at an early stage… that leads directly to a better product for you.

Please, share this post in your social media, clap the post, follow the author, and the Superalgos Medium publication; watch, like, and share our YouTube videos, and subscribe to our channel; read and share our articles; follow us on Twitter and retweet; bring Superalgos to influencers you may know; and, last but not least, invite people to join the Superalgos Community.

Your collaboration is important, particularly at this early stage, and it’s the reason why Superalgos is free and open-source software.

New to Superalgos?

Learn how to get started by following the instructions on the pinned message in the Superalgos Community Telegram Group.



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Superalgos | Algorithmic Trading

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