How to Buy the Superalgos (SA) Token Using Trust Wallet

Buying the token is the best way to support Superalgos contributors!

Julian Molina
Nov 4 · 6 min read

In this article, we will go through the process of buying the Superalgos (SA) Token, step by step, using the main mobile wallet compatible with the Binance Smart Chain: Trust Wallet.

The Superalgos community distributes the native token exclusively among contributors in reward for their work and the value they add to the project. Existing markets are bootstrapped by the community of token holders — that is, contributors.

When you buy Superalgos (SA) tokens from PancakeSwap markets, you’re buying directly from contributors!

Superalgos is open source, it’s forever free for everyone, and is in constant evolution thanks to the time and effort invested by contributors.

When you buy the Superalgos (SA) Token, you are directly supporting the people that make Superalgos possible.

With your support, the project can only grow, as more contributors may spend more time working for you!

Before You Begin

If you’re not using Trust Wallet, there are several other ways in which you may achieve the same thing, for instance, using Metamask on your PC. We won’t cover those other options, but you may still find this guide useful even if you intend to use other wallets, as the process is similar.

Before we start, this article explains How to Configure the Superalgos Token in Trust Wallet, just in case you haven’t yet or need a reminder.

Get Your Assets Ready

You may buy SA tokens with any coin or asset available in the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), regardless of the denomination of our liquidity pools. So, make sure you have any BSC-compatible asset in Trust Wallet, so that you may use it to swap them for SA tokens.

You also need to have some BNB tokens — enough to pay the transaction fees, usually less than $1 — in particular the BEP20 version of BNB, which is the native token in the BSC.

If you don’t have the BEP20 version of BNB in Trust Wallet, you will need to get some. An easy way to do that is by withdrawing BNB from directly into your Smart Chain BNB address — Smart Chain BNB is another name for the BEP20 version of BNB.

I know this thing with token versions on different chains may be confusing!

Let’s do a quick recap. You will need:

  • The asset you wish to swap for SA tokens. It must be a Smart Chain / BEP20 coin.
  • Smart Chain BNB / BEP20 version BNB to pay for transaction fees.

Notice that you may buy SA tokens with BNB, so if you have enough BNB, you won’t need any other assets.

If you’re not sure how to configure BNB in your wallet, it’s quite simple:

1. Click the button in the top-right corner.

2. Find Smart Chain BNB in the list, and activate it with the slider on the right.

That’s it!

Swap it!

Good! Now we’re ready! We’re going to go through the swap process step by step. It is quite simple and intuitive, so don’t be afraid.

Just bear in mind that PancakeSwap and the Binance Smart Chain may sometimes be congested. Such an event may make the app slow at some point, for instance, when selecting coins, processing transactions, or calculating balances.

If the app is slow, just be patient. If things don’t look exactly like the screens/steps below, it may as well be that the app needs some time to get information from the blockchain. Give it a few seconds and it should be OK.

1. Click the DApps button.

2. Scroll down, find the PancakeSwap app, and click on it!

3. Click Connect Wallet.

4. Click Trust Wallet.

5. You should then see the wallet icon. This means the wallet is now connected.

6. Select the asset you wish to use to purchase SA tokens.

7. In my case, it will be BTCB, but it can be any other asset in your wallet.

8. Now you must select the asset in the TO field.

9. Unfortunately, the SA token does NOT yet show up in the list of assets. So you’re going to paste the SA Token contract address instead:


10. I just gave you the SA Token contract address. However, you should be wary of copying the contract address from a random article on the Internet!

Anyone can write and post an article! You could be reading a scam article pointing you to a fake contract! So let’s do this the proper way! You need to go to the official source to get the proper address!

Go to and click the menu button.

11. Select Token > Overview on the menu.

12. Now scroll the page down until you find the SA Token contract address in the Binance Smart Chain.

13. That’s it!

14. Now copy the contract address.

15. Go back to the Trust Wallet app and paste the contract address in the field.

16. Once you paste the contract, the app should find the SA token. Click on it!

17. Enter the amount of the asset you wish to spend to buy SA tokens.

18. The app should calculate how many SA tokens you may buy with that amount. If everything looks good, click Swap!

19. Now click Confirm Swap!

20. Now you need to approve the transaction.

21. That’s it! You may now close the window, exit PancakeSwap and go back to your wallet.

It may take a minute or two for the SA tokens to show up in your wallet — especially if the network is congested.

Of course, for tokens to show up, you need to configure the SA Token first, as indicated before we started!

That’s it! Thanks for your support!

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