New Open-Source Bitcoin Strategy, Support & Resistance Indicator, Trades Snapshots, and More!

Superalgos Beta 5 comes packed with exciting new features and more open-source intelligence in the form of a new trading system and a new indicator.

Julian Molina
Superalgos | Algorithmic Trading
3 min readJun 1, 2020


Intelligence is growing.

BB Top Bounce

BB Top Bounce (BBTB) is a new open-source trading system to accumulate bitcoin based on the bounce off the upper band of the Bollinger Bands trading idea.

The trading system features eight different strategies, each specializing in a very specific market structure in which the trading idea has performed exceptionally well in backtests.

Section of Q1 2020 Backtests

The system showcases a new paradigm in which the hyper-specialization of strategies allows taking trades in distinct market situations, which may then be managed in accordance with each specific situation.

BBTB is a good complement to Weak-hands Buster (WHB), as it trades more often and has a bolder approach, attempting to take positions at the level of the upper Bollinger Bands, and happy to take quick profits at the ~3% level.

Support & Resistance Indicator

This is a new addition to the Masters data mine, which incorporates an interpretation of the concept of supports and resistances.

Support and resistance levels change color with every bounce of the price.

The indicator keeps track of all levels on which price has bounced off while printing relative highs and lows. It keeps a counter of bounces at each level and tracks the life-span of each level in terms of the number of periods that have passed since they were established.


A snapshot is a great analysis tool consisting of a flat-file in the CSV format (spreadsheet-compatible) containing all trades in a backtesting session. The file includes several fields such as trade number, close datetime, strategy, trigger-on situation, take position situation, result, ROI, and exit type.

Happy analyzing!

Even more exciting is the fact that the CSV file includes the values for all indicator properties used throughout the trading system as well.

The file may be open on spreadsheet software to find correlations and find clues as to how a strategy may be improved.

Debugging a Task

Developers now have a quick and easy way to start debugging indicators and trading sessions: the new *Debug* button runs the task channeling the execution directly to the TaskServer project running on your preferred IDE.

Open the project in your favorite IDE and click Debug!

Managing Workspaces

This is a simple feature that makes it easier to manage and work with multiple workspaces.

Keep your workspaces organized and handy!


Superalgos Beta 5 requires upgrading to one of the workspaces distributed with the software. Remember to go through the proper process to get ready for the upgrade.

Coming Next

We are working on a major upgrade — a complete re-write — of the trading engine, which will provide an unprecedented level of control over the execution of orders. Execution is likely the least developed part of the system at this stage, and we expect that the next release will be a true game-changer.

Stay tuned!

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Superalgos | Algorithmic Trading

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