Team p-pl Proof of Value, August 2022

Bitcoin Factory: Enable multiple Test-Servers in Forecaster

Debugging Bitcoin Factory
Photo by Mathieu Turle on Unsplash

Changes to Forecast-Client of Bitcoin Factory

In general the Forecast Client will use the best trained AI model of a certain Test-Server to forecast next candle. During August 2022 i’ve added the possibility for the Forecast-Client to serve multiple Test-Server simultaneously.

During this work, many more or less small bugs show up on the whole system of Test-Server <-> Network-Node <-> Forecast-Client. See next part for this. Furthermore a Heartbeat from Forecast-Client to SA-UI has been integrated and the possibility to write a Forecast-Cases Report on the Test-Server so that the user which runs the Forecast-Client can get reward for this.

Log of Forecast-Client showing how he serves 3 different Test-Servers

Fighting Bugs in Network Node

After many hours of debugging and going through log file i’ve manged to stabilize the network node … especially the serious problem with messages get mixed up between different Test-Servers has been eliminated. This brings the whole Bitcoin Factory to the possibility to run many Test-Servers in parallel and so to test different Strategies independently.


The road was paved for Reinforcement Learning … which i am currently working on ;)



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