Superalgos Distributes the Governance of the Token and the Project

The project calls all users to participate in governance and earn tokens for doing so!

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The Beta 11 release shipping the Governance Project is a major step in the direction of fostering global collaboration. From now on, it is the whole Superalgos Community — not the Core Team — who decides what the protocol incentivizes and how.

Incentivized Governance

The Governance Project features multiple Governance Programs, each designed to incentivize different areas of development and constructive community dynamics.

An active community participating in governance is critical to turning the project into a massive collaboration. Only a decentralized project and a widely distributed token may produce a truly disruptive and resilient force.

Because governing Superalgos is an important contribution, the sole act of learning the system and participating in governance earns you tokens!

How to Participate

Participating in governance requires using the Superalgos Platform to set up and contribute your User Profile. Your profile is tied to your account and a Superalgos (SA) Token address where you get your tokens.

To get started, load the Token Distribution Superalgos plugin workspace and follow the Creating Your User Profile interactive tutorial.

The Governance Project book in the Docs goes through all the details not covered in the tutorial.

If you are new to Superalgos, make sure you do the three tutorials in the Getting Started Tutorials plugin workspace before moving on to governance! Just follow the directions of the interactive tutorials.

Early Adopter Jackpot

Are you aware of the privilege entailed in having found Superalgos at such an early stage? After almost four years of hard work under the radar, we are on the verge of starting massive PR & Marketing campaigns, launching the Superalgos Platform V1 (going out of beta), and listing the Superalgos (SA) Token.

If you’ve been around Superalgos for a while but haven’t yet filed your pockets with Superalgos (SA) Tokens, don’t miss the train departing the underground station! We are building the next station out in the open! When word comes out, you won’t be an early adopter anymore!

On-boarding Programs

These programs incentivize Superalgos users to take the first couple of steps to participate in governance and start giving back to the project.

Airdrops On Each Release!

We don’t like meaningless airdrops. But what if airdrops bring users a step closer to participating in governance? The Airdrops program incentivizes users to take the first few steps to participate in governance: learn the basics about Superalgos to be able to create and submit a User Profile.

The Airdrop program distributes the tokens in the Airdrops pool evenly to all existing profiles, with a cap of SA 1,000 per User Profile. Joining the program now sets you up to get airdrops on future releases too!

GitHub Program

This program incentivizes users to fork the Superalgos repository, a necessary step to contribute. It also incentivizes users to give a star and watch the repository. This helps developers find the project when searching on

The program distributes tokens from the Github pool. Maintaining your fork of the Superalgos repository may grant you up to SA 1,000. The same goes for a star, and for watching the repo. That is, the program features a cap of SA 3,000 per user.

Community Building Programs

These programs incentivize desirable behaviors among community members. They foster strong community bonds and help the project grow in many ways.

The programs have two built-in types of incentives: a Tokens Bonus, and Tokens Awarded by the program.

  • Tokens Bonus: It’s an incentive to participate in the program. You earn these tokens simply by fulfilling the participation rules.
  • Tokens Awarded: These programs incentivize desirable behaviors. If you constructively participate in the community, then you will earn more tokens!

The interesting bit about these programs is that they reward chains of collaborations! For instance, you earn tokens for the people you refer to Superalgos, but also for the people they refer!

Referral Program

This program is designed to incentivize the grassroots promotion of the project, either by word-of-mouth or “en masse” through articles, social media posts, videos, and other forms of “influencer marketing”.

Support Program

The Support Program incentivizes participation in support and lets the community decide how to compensate Community Mods contributing to the project’s support efforts.

Mentorship Program

This program is designed to encourage the recruiting, nurturing, and mentoring of Contributors. A mentor helps newcomers with the learning curve until they can give back to the community!

Votes And Claims Programs

These programs further the ability of the community to engage with important aspects of the collaboration.

Claims Program

When you contribute to Superalgos, you must produce a claim for your contribution, and you must harness the support of people working close to you, who will vouch or vote for your claims.

There is no central authority controlling who contributes what, or what rewards contributors get. Instead, the project delegates in the community the capacity to establish the value of contributions and to determine who contributed what.

Voting Program

The Voting Program is the heart and soul of governance, as it enables you to cast various types of votes. You may decide what to incentivize and how. You may also evaluate and support Contribution Claims and transfer Voting Power to other users.

Delegation Program

The Delegation Program allows you to delegate Token Power to empower other members of the community, giving them a louder voice in governance.

This feature plays an important societal function: mentors may delegate power to people working with them so that they may place their first few claims.

Staking Program

The staking program allows the Superalgos Community to compensate token holders for the sake of holding tokens. Holding tokens may be a valuable contribution that the community may decide to incentivize at any point.

It is a very simple program, as it doesn’t involve smart contracts or transferring funds out of your wallet. You may participate in the Staking Program with the Token Power that you haven’t used for other purposes.

Distribution of Beta 10 and Beta 11 Releases

With the release of the Governance Project, the distribution of Superalgos (SA) Tokens corresponding to the Beta 10 and Beta 11 releases will be subject to the new distributed governance. Both releases will be distributed through a single distribution event, all at once.

Users must create their profiles and join the Onboarding and Community Building Programs.

Contributors must do the same, and also set up their corresponding Contribution Claims and votes.

The window for submitting your User Profile will be a few weeks long. The distribution event will take place once the window closes. There will be an announcement one week before the closing of the window.

Contributors Taking the Lead

Amazing progress has been done in many departments by contributors taking leading roles and assuming responsibilities over entire sections of the infrastructure.

If you’re interested in any of those areas of the project, make sure you get in touch with these leading contributors! The three of them are well-known Community Mods too!

If you wish to get involved in other areas of the project, we are always looking for leaders that can take over chunks of the codebase. The best way forwards is to start working on something you’re passionate about, get in touch, and show us what you’re doing. Luis Fernando Molina, Superalgos’ lead developer, is always available and happy to help.

Upgrading to Beta 11

Beta 11 is backward compatible with Beta 10 in terms of workspaces and trading systems.

The node run command to launch the Superalgos Platform has been deprecated, and a new command node platform has been introduced to replace it. The changes anticipate what comes next (see Beta 12 below).

After you upgrade, you will need to run the node setup command. Use node setup tensorflow if you wish to test the ML features.

Beta 12 is About Social Trading!

We are working to connect crypto users (with little to zero trading knowledge) with algo traders. The latter will provide trading signals via a p2p network.

For crypto users we’re building:

  1. a mobile app;
  2. a desktop app;
  3. a server app.

All of these apps will have simple bots that can follow other user’s bots and copy their trades.

The mobile and desktop apps will have Twitter-like features (post messages, follow others, timeline, reply, react, etc.), with a crucial addition: users may have bots under their profiles. A “bitcoin bot”, for instance, has the implicit goal of accumulating bitcoin. To do so, users can have their bots follow other bitcoin bots, to copy their trades.

Crypto users will follow either algo traders who create the bots themselves and broadcast signals through the p2p2 network, or influencers who curate signals, follow select algo traders, and rebroadcast the same signals they consume.

This means that when an influencer’s bot makes a trade, followers will make the same trade too.

The first model we intend to implement is one in which the protocol incentivizes the production and dissemination of quality trading signals so that all products and services are free for crypto users. This is how Superalgos becomes a dominant open trading intelligence network.

If you wish to join the development efforts, join us in the @superalgosdevelop group, or reach out to Luis on Telegram.



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