‘Christmas Steps’ by Mogwai

Music Video Showcase #1

Wanted to post something a little different for the start of the week.

Decided on showcasing a music video by a much lauded and talented Scottish post-rock band Mogwai.

This video from their early 1999 album COME ON DIE YOUNG, takes place seemingly in the age of Steam, the camera movement and colour forcibly made to look like that of a film from the silent era. However, the two main characters get awoken and made aware of the new technological age.

Named after a street (or steps) in Bristol, UK (where I reside currently), ‘Christmas Steps’ is I think one of the first classic songs that Mogwai wrote. The simple composition, and gradual climatic build up (something that the band are renowned for), helps the song sound tragic, heart-wrenching almost. The music video perfectly encapsulates this.

On a related note, they are the best band I have seen live in concert.

Recommend: ‘Special Moves/Burning’ — A live album/film that showcase everything that makes Mogwai unique.


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