DEATH STRANDING: Hideo Kojima lets his imagination loose

Exciting doesn’t cover it.

Guillermo del Toro recently tweeted ‘Fuck Konami’.

After the baffling decision to cancel SILENT HILLS, and the release of Hideo Kojima into the world outside of the former giant (it no longer is) of video games, it’s really hard to disagree with the sentiment.

At The Game Awards 2016, Kojima released this:

Now. What. On. Gods. Earth. Is going on here?

To be honest, I don’t care. This is bold storytelling, bold visuals, and bold themes.

With Kojima Productions, Hideo Kojima is allowed to let loose. Truly, go nuts.

The only things we know about DEATH STRANDING, are that it stars Norman Reedus and Mads Mikkelsen; with the title signifying something being stuck in our world.

The gaming world mourned SILENT HILLS. Kojima, del Toro and Junji Ito tackling the great horror series was indeed too good to be true.

What we have from the ashes is DEATH STRANDING.

To paraphrase a film quote, “Fuck Konami. Fuck them up their stupid asses”.

DEATH STRANDING is due for release on PS4 in 2019.

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