Get ready for ‘Awaken, My Love!’

Childish Gambino’s new record coming December 2nd

It can be assumed (and proven correct) that I am a huge Childish Gambino, and in turn Donald Glover, fan.

I have already posted one article about his 2013 record, ‘Because The Internet’, found here, and am currently in the process of forming an article for his still airing (in the UK that is) ‘ATLANTA’.

December 2nd is when his new record drops, and having released 2 songs from the album already, I felt it was due time to say how excited I am, and then in turn how you should be.

‘Me and Your Mama’ has this infectious hook, recalling Prince, Glover building up to it with a delicate twinkle. The tracklisting reveals that this the opening track, and the sheer bombastic turn the song takes almost into Gospel and Soul territory is just fantastic. The lyrics are raw, and the way he sings, just bares all.

‘Redbone’ is more in line with Gambino’s past records, but still “oozes soul” (to quote Annie Mac from Radio 1). The running theme between both songs, is how raw the lyrics sound.

Childish Gambino, if he continues this fine form, has an absolute pearl of an album coming.

Like I have said before, this is dropping December 2nd.

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