Kong returns!

KONG: SKULL ISLAND trailer shows us the Great Ape

He’s back!

There is a lot to take in here.

The cast is phenomenally strong, but what is telling is how director Jordon Voight-Roberts and screenwriters Dan Gilroy and Max Borenstein move away from the Peter Jackson’s 2005 KING KONG.

The 2005 ‘epic’ was pretty much Jackson’s take on the classic KONG story. And whilst it was a good film, not great, its best moments were watching the great ape pummel everything in his path. Of course that is more to do with the genius of Andy Serkis and Weta than anything.

Legendary seem to have shifted the path to a more action-led KONG tale. This can be interpreted as a shift towards the inevitable KING KONG vs GODZILLA movie (both characters under the same studio, it will happen), letting audience expectations move away from the 2005 film.

There is a lot of colour here too, the blues, reds and oranges pop; clearly a shift away from the greys of some blockbusters we see.

Some already pretty iconic shots, no least seeing Kong face down (presumably) Samuel L. Jackson with flames framing his massive eyes.

2017 is shaping up for some pretty interesting blockbusters, this looks to be an interesting addition to next year.

KONG: SKULL ISLAND is released in the UK on 10th March 2017.