A Quick Rule of Thumb for Prioritizing Tasks When You Are Overwhelmed

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What is the “Rule of 3” that is used in Survival Training?‍

This rule of thumb that is used in the survival community spells out some basic rules to keep in mind when you are in a survival situation.‍

How Can I Apply the Rule of 3 to my Work Tasks?‍

What makes the Rule of 3 so memorable is that it’s simple and visceral, which is important for any rule that you want to use during a period of duress.‍

A Few Caveats

Like we mentioned at the beginning of this post, the most important part of any prioritization process is making sure that the tasks you are taking on align with your core goals and objectives.

In Conclusion‍

Using a simple, modified Rule of 3 can help you quickly allocate and bucket tasks into groups that help you feel in control. Further, by prioritizing based on when you need to deliver a result, you can ensure that you are completing the most important tasks first.



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