How Far in Advance Should You Share Materials for an Important Meeting?

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Choosing the Right Materials to Share‍

There are no hard and fast rules about exactly what materials to share ahead of the meeting, but of course, you should always lean on sharing more rather than sharing less.‍

How to Share Materials‍

Every team and organization has a different approach when it comes to content management, so the specifics for exactly how you will share depends on the tools and approach you use at your company.‍

How Far in Advance to Share Materials

‍As a good rule of thumb, you should always aim to share materials at least three business days before the meeting. This will give your attendees plenty of notice to carve out some time where they can focus on thoroughly reviewing the read ahead materials.‍

In Conclusion‍

As a meeting organizer that wants to hold a productive and engaging discussion, sending read ahead materials should be one of your most important techniques. Choose the right materials, keep them organized and clear, and give your attendees enough time ahead of the meeting to read the materials thoroughly. If you do these three simple things, you are much more likely to hold a great meeting.



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