Why You Should Let Your Mind Wander to be More Productive

productivity hack tip let your mind wander
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What is Mind Wandering?

‍There is currently no universally accepted definition of mind wandering. However, it can be thought of as simply thinking that is independent of a specific stimulus.‍

How to Incorporate Mind Wandering Into Your Day

‍Most of our days at work are spent in an active task focus mode, as they should be! However, there are often times when it feels like you have hit a wall and are stuck.‍

Take a quick walk‍

A short walk around the block can do wonders for your body and your mind. You don’t have to commit to walking miles on end because even a few minutes moving in the sun with fresh air can have a huge impact on you.‍

Perform a Minute of Intentional Breathwork‍

Breathwork is a great way to quickly clear your mind and reduce stress levels. While doing breathwork, you should be focused on whatever the prescribed method is (for instance, box breathing), but it’s only natural that your mind will wander slightly while you are breathing.‍

Do a Series of Repetitive, Easy Tasks

‍When you are working through a task that is relatively mindless, like clearing out junk emails or cleaning up a spreadsheet, your mind will want to wander naturally. This is because the effort of the tasks does not require full attention.‍

In Conclusion‍

Even though mind wandering may have a bad wrap, and even through it seems counterintuitive in a high stress work environment, it turns out that it can do wonders for your ability to plan and solve problems creatively. Give some of our suggested techniques a try to see if it helps you perform even better.‍



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