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I have tried to collect all the videos which are somewhere in the internet in one article. This helps me to share the videos in one place, but also to keep an overview on all the talks me or a Superdot (former YAAY) team member had. The internet never forgets, so let’s keep at least an overview.

ISVIS Conference: Visualizing Complexity, Modular Information Design Handbook

Date: Mai 2022 / Language: English

Meetup Talk: Labs for the European Union and public health

Date: March 2019 / Language: English

Conference Keynote: Visualisierung auf den Punkt bzw. Bubble gebracht

Date: November 2018 / Sprache: Deutsch

Meetup Talk: The power of information design and so portfolio examples

Date: August 2018 / Language: English

Conference Talk: EDCH Munich — every dot on the paper must have a meaning

Date: März 2018 / Sprache: Deutsch

Nicole Lachenmeier, Danilo Wanner: Die 7 Prinzipien von YAAY, was wir gelernt haben

Date: November 2017 / Sprache: Deutsch

LectureTalk: Visualize your research

Date: Dezember 2016 / Sprache Deutsch

Imagefilm: YAAY @ Swiss Cultural Challenge

Date: November 2016 / Sprache: Deutsch

Hackaton Concept: Visual Exploration of Vesalius Fabrica

Date: Juli 2016 / Language: English

Indre Grumbinaite: The way we work at YAAY

Date: November 2015 / Language: English

YAAY Manifesto: Team answers questions visually

Date: Juni 2015/ Language: Visual

Campus Talk: Visuell kommuniziert es sich leichter

Date: Mai 2014 / Sprache: Deutsch

Research Project: Development of a Content Independent Game Framework — Tourney

Date: August 2013 / Sprache: Deutsch

Research Project: Scientific Communication at the University — Blog Design

Date: Juni 2013 / Sprache: Deutsch

Meetup: On Data and Design — Video Album

VIMEO ALBUM: https://vimeo.com/album/5422351



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