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4-week plan to effectively launch & promote your Superfans page

Having a Superfans page and not promoting it is as good as not having one! Learn how you can promote your Superfans page effectively to your audience.

For many creators, it could seem intimidating to promote their Superfans page to grow their Superfans and income. While it seems hard, it’s essential to effectively promote your Superfans page to your audience if you want to make a meaningful income via this channel.

On the bright side, it is possible to promote your Superfans page to your audience without coming across as annoying or that you’re begging for support. There is a reason why your audience follows you: they love to see what you do, how you do it, and want to be a part of it in various ways possible.

Before you start with the promotions, its important to understand your audience deeply and what kind of messaging will they appreciate. Are they following you because they love you and want to see what you are up to or if they are actually getting direct benefits from your content?

Whatever it may be, ensure that there is a strong personal connection between you and your audience.

Pre-launch — 7 days before launch

Build hype

Get your audience excited about the special perks and benefits and create awareness about the Superfans program

  1. Introduce your audience to the upcoming Superfans program where a select set of the audience would get special perks and benefits.
  2. Talk about the perks and benefits that you have thought of for your Superfans. You can post Instagram stories, run polls, or ask your audience to respond to you in the comments section to see if the perks interest them.
  3. Even better, ask your audience to suggest what perks would they like to have, which can be used to tweak your perks and benefits before you launch.
  4. Make sure you do this at least 2–3 times in this 7 day period

Launch — 14 day period after launching

Create awareness and build trust

Use this 14 day period to drive awareness about the program, build trust that you are actually giving out perks and benefits, and get feedback on what your Superfans think about your perks and benefits.

  1. You can start off by sharing the link to your Superfans page on all your social media platforms or wherever your audience engages with you while introducing your audience to the Superfans page you have been talking about in the previous week.
  2. Paste it in your Instagram bio, YouTube about section, on your blog, or wherever you get a lot of traffic.
  3. Once you start getting Superfans who support you, thank them publicly and tag them.
  4. Followup on your promise of perks and benefits and share this activity on your social media. For example: if your perks included a video call chat session, share this on your social media. This builds trust that you are actually following on your promises.
  5. Repeat this at least 2–3 times a week so that your audience constantly gets reminded of your Superfans page and the associated perks and benefits.
  6. Start integrating a quick message about your Superfans page in your content, this could be a 10-second outro in your videos or a 3 line message in your captions. For example: Hey guys, before you scroll away, I quickly wanted to let you know about some super cool benefits that you can have when you support me on Superfans. Check out the link in my bio!

Post-launch — 7 day period after launch phase

Gather feedback and make changes

By this time, you should have a few Superfans who can share feedback with you on what needs to be changed, updated, or kept as is. Use this feedback to update your perks and benefits

  1. Do not stop promoting. You need to continuously keep promoting so that a significant percentage of your audience is at least aware of your Superfans page and its benefits. Continue to repeat the steps from the previous section.
  2. Gather feedback and tweak your messaging and benefits. By now, you would have got a good sense of what is working and what is not. Try to go deep into why have your Superfans chosen to support you. Use this insight and double down on what is working. Feel free to remove or add perks and benefits.

Important: Superfans only works if you are thinking long term and isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme.

It will take you months of continuous engagement with your Superfans to build a sizeable or a meaningful income via this source. But if you manage to do it, it’s a highly stable income source and doesn’t make you dependent on brand collaborations.



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