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All about Superfans by Winkl

Here’s what you need to know about Superfans (by Winkl) and how you can use it to monetise your content as a creator

Why Superfans?

Most creators today, across niches largely depend on advertising revenue or brand collaborations to get paid. While it has worked out ok for most, it’s the classic story of putting all your eggs in one basket.

This became very apparent and exposed during the Covid-19 situation when most brands and organisations stalled their marketing spends. As a result, advertising/brand collaborations nose dived and creators stopped getting paid.

It became very clear that revenue streams for creators needs to be diversified. And what better way for creators to monetise from audience who love them the most? Yes, their Superfans!

What is Superfans?

Superfans is an initiative and a feature on the Winkl app that lets creators monetise directly from their Superfans.

Superfans are a subset of your audience who love your content, who find immense value in what you create, so much so that they want to see you continue what you are doing.

Creators monetise this set of Superfans by offering them extra perks such as exclusive content, behind the scenes peeks, shoutouts and other highly personalised benefits in exchange of virtual gifts and membership fees from the Superfans. The Superfans will end up paying something small, which will add up significantly when there are hundreds or thousands of them.

How does it work?

  1. Creators get their own unique web page, which they can promote on their social media. This link allows their Superfans to view the below.
  2. We will start initially with a way that allows the Superfans to buy virtual gifts as a way to support the content creation and creators.
  3. Then we will roll out membership plans (for premium content) which the audience can subscribe to monthly, like a creator’s own Netflix. Creators can create premium content or specific content just for the Superfans who become paid members. The better the perks and premium content, the more Superfans will become paid members.
  4. Capability to directly engage with paid members. This leads to higher engagement without depending on algorithms of social media platforms.
  5. As we scale, we will offer creators the ability to offer more to their paid members, engage with them more deeply and for creators to monetise better will be added.

Will audience and Superfans really pay for benefits and premium content?

This is a valid concern and a great question. Given the amount of free stuff out there, it might often seem pointless to create premium content as someone somewhere might have already created something similar. But the point is, it’s about the creator. The creator has created a strong brand among their audience over years of hard-work and consistency. They trust the creator.

Given the abundance available today, it’s very easy for fake information to be disguised as trust-worthy content. With this context, it becomes more important for content to have a reliable source, which is the creator. And for which the audience is willing to pay.

And throwing in some super cool benefits and perks won’t hurt :)

P.S. If you are a creator with high quality content and a deeply engaged audience, please write to us with the subject line “Superfans”.




Superfans (by Winkl) helps creators monetise their content & creations directly from their most loyal audience

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