Announcing Superfluid Builder Grants to Accelerate Money Streaming on Optimism

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2 min readNov 3, 2022


This summer, we submitted a proposal for an Optimism grant to incentivize builders and crypto-native companies using Superfluid to deploy and stream salaries on Optimism. Given our growth to date and the beneficial network effects of money streaming, we were awarded with 150,000 OP tokens to incentivize asset streaming usage and liquidity on Optimism.

This grant consists of two phases. The first phase is focused on encouraging teams building with Superfluid to deploy on Optimism, while the second phase is dedicated to incentivizing salary streaming on Optimism (we’ll share more info about it at a later date).

Phase 1: Superfluid Builder Grants

75% of the total grant (112,500 OP) will go towards our Superfluid Builder Grants.

We plan on releasing grants to 1–2 teams/projects per month, with each individual grant ranging between US$5,000 — US$20,000 in OP tokens.

Each grant will be distributed as follows:

  • 50% will be given as a lump sum to encourage project completion
  • 30% will be distributed after successful deployment on Optimism
  • 20% will be distributed upon seeing that the app is improving usage and liquidity on Optimism. Metrics we’ll be keeping an eye on include the following:
    – How many users the app has brought to the OP chain
    – The total volume streamed through the app on OP chain
    – Meaningful synergies/partnerships with existing Optimism apps

Builder Grant Application Criteria & Deadline

Any project that is built with Superfluid and interested in deploying on Optimism is eligible to apply here.

Selection Criteria

  1. Team commitment to the completion and deployment of the project
  2. Project impact on OP ecosystem growth
  3. Project synergy with existing Optimism apps

⚠️ Note: The deadline to apply is December 8, 2022 at 11:59pm UTC.

Growing the Money Streaming Ecosystem on Optimism

We believe L2s present the perfect environment for money streaming to thrive, and look forward to working with teams building on Superfluid to grow their apps and communities on Optimism.

Once you’ve applied for a Superfluid Builder Grant, be sure to let us know on Twitter and Discord! We’d love to share what you’re developing with our community and begin supporting you as soon as possible.



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