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Announcing Superfluid Prizes for DAOHacks 2022

First and foremost, a huge thank you to everyone that built on Superfluid during DAOHacks 2022 🎉

With dozens of great project submissions to choose from, you certainly didn’t make it easy on us…

However, our judges have finished their evaluations and the results are in: the projects that won our bounties for DAOHacks are BrickDAO, Butter, QuickLend, Dispay, CompaoDAO, and Slashiee!

🥇 Best Overall Project Built on Superfluid: BrickDAO ($3,000)

BrickDAO uses a Superfluid Super App to facilitate philanthropy. In practice, philanthropists can stream large sums of money into the DAO, and individual users can stream into a Super App that redirects funds to their favorite charity.

As individual users stream smaller amounts to their favorite charities, the contract can automatically execute a form of quadratic funding which determines which charities should receive additional funds donated by the philanthropists to the DAO. This voting happens automatically each week, and the extra funds are sent to charities using the Superfluid Instant distribution agreement.

We’re excited to help the BrickDAO team take their project live so that programmable money may be used for good!

Learn more:

Twitter: @NashQueue, @jea9o, @0xefrain

📊 Best Financial Innovation Built on Superfluid: Butter and QuickLend ($2,000)

Butter allows DAOs to diversify their treasury. Today, many DAOs have over 90% of their treasury in their governance token. This poses a major financial risk, as treasuries are highly dependent on the price of these assets.

Butter allows DAOs to stream a portion of their governance tokens into a balancer pool in exchange for ETH or stablecoins. Because funds are streamed over time, the risk of front running is minimized & the price effect of the sale will be minimized in comparison to regular block sales of tokens.

We are very bullish on this use case and hope to work with Butter to help DAOs across the web3 community!

Learn more:

Twitter: @VaughnMcK, @Lajarre, @kevin_w_huo, @koheingt

QuickLend brings the concept of a “tanda” — a group of trusted individuals who each pay into a collective fund that can be borrowed from upon approval from other members — on-chain.

QuickLend facilitates these on-chain tandas by allowing anyone to spin up a DAO using Aragon. Once a DAO is created, members stream to the DAO to retain membership status. If a member of the DAO wants to borrow from the collective, they make a proposal using Aragon. Provided that the loan is approved, money is streamed from the DAO to the borrower, who then is trusted by the group to pay back the loan.

Learn more:

Twitter: @sushmitsarmah, @moncherriepie, @Rcontre360

🖼 Best Use of Superfluid & NFTs for DAOs: Dispay ($2,000)

Dispay provides a way for anyone to start an NFT investment group.

Individuals stream money into the DAO which can be used to buy NFTs or other assets. If the group sells an asset at a profit, money is then sent back to each member of the DAO as a reward. This project is an interesting foray into social NFT investing, and we look forward to helping the Dispay team as they build a platform for groups that want to invest together.

Learn more:

Twitter: @michelebonechi, @heymattrust, @akinrinadetobi, @TigronNc

🤝 Best Use of Superfluid & Another Sponsor’s Tech: CompaoDAO and Slashiee ($1,000)

CompaoDAO built a clean platform for managing DAO payroll using Superfluid & SkillWallet. Members in the DAO are given various roles via SkillWallet, and have varying access to DAO payroll metrics & salary info, depending on their role.

For example, DAO leaders are able to see burn rate analytics & have a master view of the DAO dashboard that some other contributors may not have. The team also added interesting features like automated payslip generation, and plans to add extra functionality as they continue building.

Learn more:

Twitter: @andiskim, @codeformars, @floydd34dsh0t

Slashiee is a gig economy platform which allows anyone to be paid via streams for their work.

Users sign up on Slashiee’s site with their Metamask wallet and have a Lens profile generated upon registration. This Lens profile serves as a kind of back end that allows you to keep all of your data generated on the platform. DAOs request work to be done on the platform by posting jobs, and Slashiee members can take on tasks in exchange for money streams. As a member completes work, they’re paid in real-time with Superfluid streams.

Members can also use Slashiee to form temporary MicroDAOs to take on small projects. The Slashiee team did a great job creating a smooth UI and pulling together multiple technologies in their solution!

Learn more:

Twitter: @FredericRamet, @garylamj, @shvmdhwn

Continue to Build With Us 🛠

Congratulations to our winners (and everyone else that built with Superfluid during the event) on a job well done. We hope to see you all again at future hackathons!

In the meanwhile, we encourage you to continue building with us. Not sure where to start? Check out our Hack on Superfluid page to get inspired and see what other Superfluid projects need building 💪



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