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Announcing Superfluid Prizes for HackMoney 2022

First and foremost, a huge thank you to everyone that built on Superfluid during HackMoney 2022 🎉

As always, with tons of great project submissions to choose from, you didn’t make it easy on us…

However, our judges have finished their evaluations and the results are in: the projects that won our bounties for HackMoney 2022 are Trust Finance, Aqueduct LP Provision, Stream Polis, Loan DAO, SafeZen, and Sleepn!

🥇 Best Overall Project Built on Superfluid: Trust Finance ($4,000)

Trust Finance is a full-service solution for DAOs and crypto-native businesses looking to pay their teams in streams, and individuals receiving payment in Superfluid streams & instant distributions. The team built a great frontend experience for each side of the business, and we are excited to support them as they continue their work.

Learn more:

Twitter: @Phidelity_trds @adetolaq @samlypanton @ondefined @AnkurThakur7827 @ShuyueLi4

🌊 Best Superfluid Project That Enables Streaming In/Out of LP Positions: Aqueduct LP Automation ($3,000)

Aqueduct provides an easy way for investors to enter and exit LP positions using Superfluid streams. The team used a combination of money streams, Chainlink Keepers, and UniV3 to facilitate second by second LP provision.

Learn more:

Twitter: @solleio @mattmurrs @JoshKokatnur @slimsood

💸 Best Lending Application Built on Superfluid: Stream Polis ($3,000)

Stream Polis is a marketplace where lenders & borrowers can enter into individual lending agreements that use Superfluid streams for loan repayment. By facilitating loan repayments every second and providing the ability to plug existing income streams into the protocol as a borrower, this project aims to provide borrowers with lower collateral requirements and interest rates than existing DeFi protocols.

Learn more:

Twitter: @donoso_eth

🚀 Most Innovative Use of Superfluid’s New ACL Feature: Loan DAO ($2,000)

Loan DAO enables communities to create DAOs where members can lend and borrow from a collective pool of capital without requiring borrowers to post up-front collateral.

Loan DAO works by allowing borrowers to issue proposals to the DAO which serve as requests for capital. In return, the DAO treasury can provide loans to any incoming requests based on the eligibility of the request and the proposer’s social credibility. The Superfluid ACL is used in this application to ensure a smooth approval & execution process for streams issued by the main smart contract, which is managed by the DAO.

Learn more:

Twitter: @brizkyeth @wary__wary @CarlLocigno

💰 Best Use of Superfluid for Insurance: SafeZen ($2,000)

SafeZen is a decentralized insurance protocol which allows users to access insurance policies as long as they have a stream open to the primary SafeZen contracts. This enables users to only pay for the insurance they need, when they need it. The amount users pay for policies is also automatically staked to generate yield while they’re protected. These savings may be passed along to the end user — or accrue to the DAO, which is responsible for voting on and paying out claims.

Learn more:

Twitter: @HonestPrat @anshik1998 @theLewBei

🤝 Best Superfluid Integration With Another Sponsor: Sleepn ($1,000)

Sleepn is a game that incentivizes you to get better sleep. The team built a system which allows users to connect FitBit data to the application in order to mint a “Bedroom” NFT. From here, users are rewarded with $SLEEP Super Tokens in the form of a Superfluid stream while they sleep — with REM & deep sleep paying the most.

Learn more:

Twitter: @GetSleepn @BrennenHodge @ABalayre @tmphey_ @away_io

💪 Honorable Mentions: ChainScore and Laminar Finance

ChainScore enables under-collateralized lending that is paid back in streams. The team has a background in machine learning and is in the process of building out additional tooling for generating decentralized credit scores.

Learn more:

Twitter: @Rcontre360 @sushmitsarmah @grantwschneider @andcont207

Laminar Finance used Super Apps to build a system which allows vendors to accept payment in the form of streams that are automatically redirected back to the owner. The team also plans to build out a high-quality payments UX for customers of these vendors, enabling a QR code to be the primary access point for payment.

Learn more:

Twitter: @dominicalucia1 @KyeSecurity

Continue to Build With Us 🛠

Congratulations on a job well done to everyone that built with Superfluid at HackMoney 2022. We hope to see you all again at future hackathons!

In the meanwhile, we encourage you to continue building with us. Not sure where to start? Check out our Hack on Superfluid page to get inspired and see what other Superfluid projects need building 💪



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