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Superfluid self-hosted toolkit for web3 subscriptions

Superfluid is excited to announce Superfluid Subscriptions: a versatile, open-source, self-hosted toolkit that enables web3 services to build their perfect subscription checkout and begin accepting recurring crypto payments.

At Superfluid, we believe everyone should be able to take full control of their own payments infrastructure. By offering self-hosted solutions, combined with the power of our protocol, we enable businesses to eliminate merchant fees, reduce customers’ gas costs, and ultimately increase revenue.

Superfluid is now accepting limited early-access launch partner submissions, register your interest here.

4 Benefits of Superfluid Subscriptions

As a free, open-source, customizable, and self-hosted software toolkit, Superfluid subscriptions allow web3 companies to create crypto-native checkouts and effortlessly automate recurring transactions.

1. Streamlined web3 subscription experience

Superfluid subscriptions make use of our programmable money streams, meaning your customers’ payments flow effortlessly with a single transaction, eliminating tedious recurring gas fees and avoiding payment disruptions.

2. Free and flexible

Our open-source, zero fees toolkit is non-custodial and self-hosted. Additionally, it is highly customizable, enabling you to create a web3 subscriptions checkout that is tailor-made to your brand.

3. Any ERC-20 token, multiple networks

Superfluid subscriptions supports any ERC-20 token across Polygon, Optimism, Arbitrum, Avalanche, and BNB Chain, Gnosis Chain and Celo, allowing you to accept payments in your preferred stablecoin or utility token. More networks are coming soon!

4. Developer-friendly integration

Our documentation makes it easy to build your own web3 checkout powered by Superfluid Subscriptions, or integrate it into your existing dApp.

How Superfluid Subscriptions Empower Web3 Businesses

From web3 services and token-gated communities to crypto-native content and payment solutions, Superfluid subscriptions can enhance your monetization model.

Scale Your Service

Monetize your web3 service with accessible and gas-efficient subscriptions, helping you scale your user base and generate consistent income over time. Read how Superfluid helped PlanetIX scale their subscription system to 25k users.

Monetize Your Community

Enable subscription-based content and experiences for your web3 platform and foster thriving communities that boost revenue.

Own Your Own Payment Infrastructure

Eliminate merchant fees, reduce third-party dependencies, and mitigate deplatforming risk by self-hosting your own branded Superfluid Subscriptions checkout.

Interested in being one of the first people to build with Superfluid subscriptions? Sign up for early access here!

Experience Hosted Superfluid Subscriptions Today With Our Launch Partner, CopperX

Although our Superfluid subscription toolkit isn’t currently publicly available, you can experience a form of Superfluid Subscriptions today by using CopperX, a crypto payment API that supports invoicing, billing, currency conversion, reporting, and more.

With the addition of Superfluid subscriptions, not only can CopperX users get instant settlement and send payouts across various networks and wallets, but they can now sell subscription products with Superfluid streams.

To learn more about which is the correct solution for you, speak to one of our team

Maximizing Web3 Revenue Streams With Money Streams

Launching limited early access for Superfluid subscriptions marks a significant milestone in our ongoing efforts to streamline crypto monetization and support a more financially-sustainable web3 ecosystem — one that can thrive independently of token price action and favorable market conditions. It’s a powerful tool for web3 businesses and individuals alike who want to monetize their services, products, or content in a self-custodial and highly efficient manner, and we can’t wait to get into the hands of builders everywhere!

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