Announcing the Recipients of Our Superfluid Builder Grants for Optimism

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We’re excited to announce the recipients of our Superfluid Builder Grants for Optimism. These grants are intended to incentivize teams building with Superfluid to deploy on Optimism, and were awarded based on strong project commitment, potential impact on the growth of the Optimism ecosystem, and synergy with existing Optimism apps.

Without further ado, the recipients of our grants are Ricochet Exchange, Anotherblock, Geo Web, and Osmotic Funding!

Ricochet Exchange

Ricochet Exchange is a Dollar-Cost-Averaging DEX that leverages Superfluid for real-time investing in tokens such as BTCx WETHx, USDCx, and more. As one of the pioneering ventures in our ecosystem, Ricochet will bring the effortless DCA UX it’s become known for on Polygon to Optimism.


Anotherblock allows you to become a partial owner of major songs through music NFTs, which stream royalties to NFT holders over time with Superfluid. Featuring songs from famous music artists like The Weeknd, Anotherblock is challenging the music industry status quo and redefining the relationship between musicians and their fans.

Geo Web

Geo Web is a fair property rights system that creates consensus for anchoring digital content to physical locations. In practice, Geo Web features an augmented, shared reality that uses partial common ownership (aka Harberger taxes — which are streamed over time with Superfluid) to enable a global digital land market that funds public goods.

Osmotic Funding

Osmotic Funding is a protocol built on top of Superfluid Finance and Conviction Voting to create and regulate project funding streams based on the level of community interest.

Started as a hackathon project in 2021, the Osmotic Funding team continued building and later released its first production version, which won a prize in Superfluid Wave Pool #2 (October 2022). We believe Osmotic Funding will help DAOs on Optimism and beyond better distribute their funds within the community.

Supporting the Growth of Money Streaming on Optimism

We’re confident that these grant recipients will make valuable contributions to the Optimism community, and are thrilled to have the opportunity — thanks to Optimism Governance — to provide them with the resources they need to succeed.

If you’d like to learn more about any of these projects, feel free to hop into our Discord. They’d be happy to share what they’re working on with you!

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