Collab.Land Enables Communities to Create Ongoing Revenue With Superfluid Streams

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4 min readJul 13, 2022


We’re excited to announce Collab.Land has integrated Superfluid money streaming into their platform, providing Web3 creators and communities with the ability to monetize their content and social experiences with a real-time subscription! Starting today, Web3 projects using Collab.Land can create Discord memberships based on continuous, on-chain token streams — simplifying the payment process for Web3 users while making recurring revenues more sustainable for projects.

Here’s a few examples of the cool things you can do with this integration:

  • Create premium Discord servers and channels where members pay by the second to gain access
  • Receive payment for every second members stream video content through Discord
  • Gate access to Discord servers and channels based on a member’s specific on-chain streaming activity (i.e., if a member streams money through other platforms such as Gnosis Safe, Ricochet Exchange, or Degen Dogs)

Moreover, this integration supports any fungible token, so projects have the option to use either stablecoins or their own social tokens when enabling real-time monetization via Collab.Land and Superfluid.

“By integrating Superfluid, Collab.Land communities have the opportunity to build entirely new real-time monetization models that are only possible in Web3. We look forward to seeing the innovative experiences that communities create with Superfluid’s programmable money streams.”

- James Young, Co-Founder and CEO of Abridged, Maker of Collab.Land

Creating a Collab.Land Token-Granted Role (TGR) With Superfluid

  1. Create a Discord Role in your chosen server
  2. Go to Command Center:
  3. Select TGR tab in your chosen server
  4. Select a Discord role to add TGR configuration
  5. Choose from one of the following Chain Types: Rinkeby, Polygon, BSC, xDai, Arbitrum, Avalanche, Optimism
  6. Select Token Type: Super Token
  7. Address: Input qualifying address of token that member must be streaming
  8. Stream Receiver: Input recipient wallet address or contract address
  9. Min Flow Rate: Input required flow rate* per month
    *Note: the minimum flow rate is 0.000001
  10. Save your configuration

Enriching the Web3 Community Experience With Money Streams

Collab.Land has enabled NFT and token-gated communities to become a reality, bringing the power of social tokens to over 40,000 projects and 4 million connected wallets.

With Collab.Land’s native integration of Superfluid Protocol, projects will be able to monetize Web3 social experiences with recurring revenues that leverage ongoing push payments — enabling better cash flow visibility, forecasting and management. Shifting from the recurring pull transactions of Web2 credit cards to the ongoing push payments of Web3 offers a better experience for the payer (more secure, better control, no bulk payments) and for the recipient (24/7 visibility of whether a customer’s stream is ongoing or not, instant knowledge of nonpayment).

We are thrilled that this integration is live and can’t wait to see how the crypto community uses it going forward! If you have any ideas or questions on how to use it, hop in our Discord and let us know.

About Collab Land

Collab.Land is a management tool for communities that integrates directly into Discord and Telegram. Tens of thousands of communities use Collab.Land to manage member permissions all on-chain. Through Collab.Land, members can be assigned to exclusive communication channels based on their token balance, NFT metadata or subscriptions.

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About Superfluid

Superfluid is the leading asset streaming protocol that enables Web3 native subscriptions, salaries and rewards for DAOs and crypto-native businesses. It can be used to describe cash flows and execute them automatically on-chain over time in a non-interactive way. Superfluid streams transfer value in a constant flow over time between wallets, in a non-custodial and permissionless way. Streams are programmable, composable, and modular, allowing developers to build custom applications on top of the protocol. No capital is locked up, and all inflows and outflows are netted in real-time at every block without consuming any gas. Ongoing streams can be forwarded as they are received to both wallets and applications, eliminating delays and drastically increasing capital efficiency.

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