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Introducing Superfluid Ambassadors, Our Community Leaders

Since Superfluid Protocol’s inception, our community has played a pivotal role in building our technology, nurturing a vibrant ecosystem around money streaming, and shaping our mission together with Web3 organizations, DAOs, and software developers.

However, Web3 is a large and rapidly growing industry. In order for us to scale our presence, we realized we needed a team of focused and committed leaders to help us nurture and expand our community. This is why today, we’re announcing the Superfluid Ambassadors program: a comprehensive project for community members that enables them to take ownership and join a group of exceptional individuals who share deep knowledge, passion, and excitement for making frictionless value transfer mainstream in Web3 and beyond!

Superfluid Ambassadors are community members who decided to step up and take a leadership position within our community. Not only do they know all the ins and outs of our tech stack and are contributing to Superfluid Protocol by building useful dapps, but they are firm believers in the potential of transitioning our financial system from recurring pull payments to ongoing streams.

As pillars of our community, our ambassadors are equipped with a deep knowledge base that enables them to help out other devs building with Superfluid and projects that want to leverage our technology. Additionally, they’re our most active advocates — helping to represent Superfluid in other Web3 communities and build awareness around the benefits (and need) for ongoing payments.

Here are a few examples of how our ambassadors support and contribute to our protocol and community development:

Awareness: Evangelizing Superfluid money streaming in the Web3 industry and beyond.
Growth: Introducing Superfluid to new projects that would benefit from money streaming.
Mentorship/Community: Offering mentorship and support for teams who are building with or integrating Superfluid into their projects.
Technical Support: Organizing technical workshops and participating in technical discussions within our community, while supporting those who need help.
Open Initiatives: Our ambassadors are skilled, adaptive builders that are open to supporting new ideas or initiatives within the community. If you’re building a project with Superfluid, they will be able to help or point you to the right resources!

For the launch of the program, we carefully handpicked select individuals to become our inaugural ambassadors. Some of our main criteria for selecting ambassadors include:

  • Long-term, consistent and proactive commitment to our community
  • A deep understanding of how Superfluid Protocol works
  • Have built (or are building) working products with Superfluid Protocol
  • Naturally empathetic and supportive towards new Web3 developers
  • Motivated to represent Superfluid across the broader crypto space and beyond
  • Natural leaders that want to take ownership and help us achieve our long-term mission

At this stage, our ambassador program is invite-only. If you’d like to become a Superfluid Ambassador, take a look at the bullet points above and start executing them — we’ll notice, and reach out to you.

We’ve nominated 7 ambassadors so far who have demonstrated dedication to our community and mission, and even built valuable projects leveraging Superfluid Protocol. Hop into our Discord to see their intros and learn more about them!

We’re excited to have our ambassadors onboard and look forward to working closely with them to advance our technology and shared vision for a frictionless financial future.



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