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Superfluid Community Call #1

We are hosting our very first Community Call next week 📞

Come meet our team, and let’s discuss how recurring transfers and streaming money can power up Ethereum! We are here to service the community, help out to integrate (or just play with) our protocol, explain how to build SuperApps and go with the flow.

Why a Community Call?

We believe that the community is not only a set of nicknames on social media but is the very engine of our decentralised future. We are working on a smart contracts framework that can enhance how tokens move on the Ethereum blockchain. We want to iterate, improve and see how your projects can leverage our protocol at full glam. This community call won’t be just a shilling opportunity, we want to give you a glimpse of what you can do with Superfluid, while learning from you what we could do better.

How to join? 👥

Simply RSVP via this link:

The next few months will shape the beginning of Real-time Finance, and we are very excited thinking about what we could build all together. We invite you to join and shape this future with us!

We are building money lego on Ethereum, let’s make all tokens flow! 🌊



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