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We’re excited to announce that we’re sponsoring the upcoming ETHforAll 2022 hackathon, which runs from February 4–19!

ETHforAll is the latest edition of the ETHIndia Online Series, and is the perfect event for kickstarting your Ethereum journey and experimenting with crypto protocols for the greater good! We can’t wait to share the power of money streaming with developers and creators as they work to create a positive sum future and earn $50k+ in prizes 🚀

$5,000 in Superfluid Prizes 💰

🥇 $1,500 for Best Overall Project Built With Superfluid

🚀 $1,500 for Best Super App

⚙️ $1,000 for Best Tooling for Superfluid Community

🌊 $1,000 Prize Pool of Honor (for qualifying projects)

How to Get Started With Superfluid 🌊

New to Web3 and/or Superfluid? We recommend getting started with our interactive tutorials. They’ll show you how to get money streams up & running in minutes using our SDK!

Already know your way around Solidity? We recommend checking out the following links:

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for a Superfluid prize, your dApp must be built on (or integrated with) Superfluid. We will reward prizes based on completeness/functionality of the implementation, the tangible value of your hack for the broader community, a high degree of integration with Superfluid, and attribute special points to “enablers” — hacks that make other protocols or dApps more functional by leveraging our protocol.

Get Ready for ETHforAll Next Month!

🧑‍💻 Looking for a team? You can list your ideas in our team building page and find others that might be interested in hacking with you.

💡 Need inspiration? You can check out some of the previous hacks and a list of ideas to build here.

❓Have questions or need help? Join our Discord server for support from our team.



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